The presence setting is peer-to-peer because the eyeBeam phone subscribes to the state of every phone directly without using a presence server. Check this box to force the user interface on top of all windows Check this box to allow eyebeam to start when you login to Windows Check this box to allow you to dial by letter such as EYE-BEAM to call Change the message that other users will see when you are away from your computer 5. View caller ID; View call log and call return feature; Check your Axvoice voice mail box; Make conference calls; Get multiple codec support. Choose the correct audio devices and mixers to use. Contact Network Admin then you have not logged in successfully and will not be able to make a call.

xten eyebeam 1.1

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Check with your provider.

XCAP server bundled with eyeBeam SDK

Note that as you enter a number you may see a suggested completion for that number as seen in Figure 4. Technical Support may ask you for this value to identify your softphone version. Not all VoIP service providers allow video. The Counterpath eyeBeam softphone also supports video with consistently high quality. eyebwam

xten eyebeam 1.1

Type ping computer address, where computer address is the domain name or IP address of one of the computers in the above table. How do I configure X-Lite and eyeBeam? If you normally use eyeBeam with a headset, you will require a second sound device such as sound card or Xteb device to use eyeBeam as a speakerphone.


xten eyebeam 1.1

Open the folder where you installed your version of eyeBeam. The dialog is arranged as a tree, similar to Windows Explorer. Counterpath has been known for high quality SIP softphones for some time.

Once you ban someone, you will not be able to receive any phone calls or instant messages from them, and they will not be able to see if you are online or not. With this soft phone you can: When you are configuring sound, you may need to examine the volume control setting. Setting up the softphone for multiple providers is covered in section Error!

Use Local, or the information xtfn by your VoIP service provider. Choose eyebwam video quality, if eyebexm. The softphone also includes a settings dialog, which provides access to a variety of settings. Choose your video device, if applicable. There are many VoIP service providers available.

This enabled the phone to support all the advanced NAT traversal protocols and added a lot of functionality. You will have to launch the wizard manually each time after that. Select the line associated with the original party. If xtdn see the message Login failed! To move a contact to a group, simply drag the contact to the group.

Refer to your e-mail client documentation eebeam instructions xhen how to import a CSV file containing a list of contacts. Here you will be able to post an issue regarding the use of the softphone and receive useful help from other users and members of Xten support.


The eyeBeam softphone can be used as a simple attendant console where an assistant can check the state of the line for a group of people. When the softphone is set to this mode eyeBeam immediately answers the call.

X-Ten is a VoIP softphone or software that enables you to make phone calls. An outbound proxy is often used for call accounting and may be used to traverse firewalls Register with domain Check this box if you must register with your SIP proxy to receive inbound calls.

You will normally hear the phone ringing in the device i. Figure 6 – Dial Pad Context Menu The Diagnostic Log contains important network and protocol information that may be useful for trouble-shooting a variety of issues.

Xten eyeBeam 1.1.1® User’s Guide

Click the green icon to add them to the contact manager. Your message has been reported and will be reviewed by our staff.

Exit cten software applications that use sound such as CD and media players. If you have supplied more than one number for this contact, you will be shown a list of numbers to choose from.