Tried it three times. I just finished using Winclone and had to utilize the tech support to restore my drive correctly. One of the nice features of the program is being able to clone on a separate drive or on the one where you have your Mac OS X partition. Best way to backup and restore a Boot Camp partition? Were did you find the cost for upgrading?

winclone 4.3.1

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Is there a workaround for that? Parallels Desktop purports to support this scenario. User reviews about Winclone.

Winclone for Mac Download

In the Snow Leopard days it was great, then it had problems with Lion and the original creator abandoned it. 4.33.1 only have Snow Leopard. One of the nice features of the program is being able to clone on a separate drive or on the one where you have your Mac OS X partition.

I was going to recommend WinClone when I saw your thread title.

Winclone Reviews

Thread starter skallal Start date Feb 5, Keep in mind that this process will erase all existing data on the external drive, so make sure to back up any critical winclonee elsewhere before proceeding.


Restore a 10 GB image in less than 10 minutes.

winclone 4.3.1

Select the following options: Run Task Sequences to fully image Windows onto the Mac. At the bottom of the Disk Utility window will be information about the disk.

Winclone Restore not Booting ?

Once Windows is installed, the OS is configured, programs are installed, and then SysPrep is run to prepare for deployment. Wiclone fails to restore If a block size message was shown, a file-based image was created and the image was restored to the external partition.

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This would be the second time I had to pay to wincllone I really hope it works and if it do I will for sure donate to the developer since been looking for something like this for so long See It In Action. Verbose logging so you know what is going on Built on the open source ntfstools, which are included in Winclone, so you don’t have to install anything else.

winclone 4.3.1

If there was a way to mount each image, then I could do a comparison between them. Might want to stick to At that point, I boot back into OS X and start the winclone process.


New Winclone user here, I have 4. I then reformat the drive to NTFS. Thanks for the replies! I have to buy another licens e for it. I purchased Winclone about a year ago due to miner Mac OS updated Winclone 6 is no longer support anymore. More reviewed onMay 23, wincllone Russell was extremely kind and patient as he helped me get through my own mistakes so that my Windows could be restored.

winclone 4.3.1

Thanks very much for that Get the latest updates from Twocanoes. I was thinking about the same thing, I recently installed W7 and would not want to go through the thousands of Windows Updates again, especially if I want to make the bootcamp partition bigger and have to reinstall again.

Is there like a combination of boxes I need to check in preferences to get this application to operate correctly? A shame it now costs, but it is a valuable app and if it supports it’s development then why not!