Double click drive entries to edit manually. Erase DVD function in the tools menu for erasable discs. Reduced sparse file fragmentation by allocating the file size before setting sparse mode. Log in or Sign up. After selecting the custom-titles. Thanks to the forthright interface, Wii Backup Fusion is pretty easy to work with. This must be enabled for the above option to work with WBFS too.

wiibafu 64 bit

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Clicking on an entry automatically scrolls the selected column into view. Trying to add a Wii ISO to the files list where the partition table was invalid would cause the thread to terminate early. Problems with NPOT textures on systems that don’t support it.

Downloads: Wii Backup Fusion v1.1

The log file will always biit “Full debug” information. First to a temp location, then to the final location, which avoids any mix ups. Trying to run this on 64 bit Linux and the window runs just fine, but no games show up in the panel listing when I select a directory with.


Reduced sparse file fragmentation by allocating the file size before setting sparse mode. Settings dialog layout so it’s easily adjusted to fit the text width of different languages. Wii Backup Manager Build 63 Fixed: Select “Items not in file list” for drive pages. Compiler version back to Delphi 7, which seems to fix all the silly Aiibafu.

Renaming of folders where the old and new names are identical except from the case. I totally rewrote the “Remove” menu functions. It can do much more. Certain cover types are disabled for the loader when it doesn’t use them. Win32 and Win64 wiobafu are released in the same package. Without full scrubbing, some junk data will remain. Draft saved Draft deleted.

wiibafu 64 bit

Ability to use Wii discs that have invalid entries in the partition tables. Similar threads with keywords: Double click to edit entries instead of single click Changed: I works as it should now.

wiibafu 64 bit

IOS version shown on all the lists. Option to use on-the-fly titles for storage conventions, ie.

Wii Backup Manager (free) download Windows version

To manually update it, rather than using “Update when drive is mounted” in the settings. So I would not recommend anyone on windows that wants to run games off fat or ntfs to use the wit set wiibafk tools and the guis that use it.


wiibafu 64 bit

Incremental search now scrolls the selection into view. Computer Software and Operating Systems. If you use it, please let me know your results.

Only valid FAT32 cluster sizes are shown in the format dialog. Unless a transfer is in progress etc. Progress panels show in a scroll box on the right side of the window. It might even help track down where the overflow is, otherwise it’ll just disappear, never to be seen bkt.

Wii Backup Manager

Thank You This help me diibafu. This will allow reproducible hashes from any source as long as the partition usage is the same. Wii Backup Manager Build 62 Changed: Double click drive entries to edit manually.