Table shows the selection criteria for a Case Manager and other staff. To search for a student: Editing a Preset After creating a Preset, you may find that you want to change the Preset name or edit its content. To replace an attached file: You may choose to reply, delete, forward, or mark the message as Read or Unread. The Machine Translated fields must be read and confirmed to copy the Spanish text to the respective text fields.

tienet 2 maximus

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Click [Your Spelling Words]. If desired, select a section from the Link to section dropdown list. Click the Spell Check icon. The Assessment Grid can be used to identify assessment areas and assign staff responsible for the assessment tienef.

Be sure and check with your assessment specialists to make sure the assessments you selected are available in your area.

TIENET 2 Maximus. TIENET Site Transition

Enter the Progress Report date. If more than two short-term objectives are needed, you click [Save, Continue Editing] to add two more rows. Click and select your print option. A second dropdown list is used to make the actual curriculum selection. The Progress dropdown list from the Progress Report section is an example.


TIENet Users Guide – Greater Albany Public Schools

The system-generated temporary password uses a complex string of characters that are often difficult to enter. Click [Accept] to set the status. You can add personal or group events to your calendar.

tienet 2 maximus

You also enter tieney start date and end date. Figure shows a list of student profiles. There are three methods: To add a section to a document packet: Select a print method.

tienet 2 maximus

Click [Delete Checked Items] d. A new browser window will be opened to display the ODE web site pages. The Search Results displays records matching your search criteria. If the student is on your home page listing, click the icon.

Select [My Calendar] to return to your calendar. Retranslating a document packet If changes are made to the English version of a document packet that has been translated, you will need to delete the existing Spanish Draft and retranslate the document packet.

Email Address Field Description Displays your email address but it is grayed out Indicates your email address has already been entered in your Staff Profile. Student Profiles and Finalized Documents When a document packet is set to Final status, certain Profile fields are updated from the finalized sections.


tienet 2 maximus

Working with Student Profiles Student Profiles record student information. Click [Select] to browse for the file you intend to upload. It is very important to have accurate data. Editing a Preset After creating a Preset, you may find that you want to change the Preset name or edit its content. New home page layout and functionality, main menu changes, and assorted new features. Oregon State Standard items display with a pencil symbol. Click to display your messages.

Checkmark the message you want to move.

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If your session has timed out, you will see the following message. Enter the date monitoring ends. Figure shows an example of selecting multiple disabilities.