I felt my struggles were betrayed but of course it is just me. I never read the lyric I got until now and just find out that it is wrong. This time is The Suicide Circus. I love the promotion video too. Other posts about the GazettE on my blog:

the gazette ibitsu full pv

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I think I write too much about my impression of them in the video that I forget this is about the song itself.

the gazette ibitsu full pv

I know this is a very old song but still beautiful. Not wholly wrong but exactly right. I am not that smart or poetic, so it is still a bit hard for me to understand the meaning completely.

I just knew it a day later.

Ibitsu with the GazettE (Full PV)

I love the others too in this video. Ruki was so beautiful there.

Take a look at it here! Which means, my struggle is vain.

But I had Pledge lyric far before I knew this community, so when I found it, I didn’t search for Pledge lyric anymore. Dishes Jul S. You are commenting using your WordPress.


This time is The Suicide Circus. So here the lyric: Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Didn’t they read the kanji? This is my space where I ventilate thoughts and values and shares happenings within the scene.

Overall, Biitsu can’t wait to hear the other songs! And actually, it was not just U-Kiss.

the gazette ibitsu full pv

I never read the lyric I got until now and just find out that it is wrong. Uruha was gorgeous and Aoi was stunning with his blond hair.

[Preview] the GazettE – ibitsu / derangement [PV] ~ mOny Ocioland

So i’d like to share it. Notify me of new posts via email. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here The Suicide Circus by the GazettE. But the video that also showed the dance was completing the already beautiful piece because the dance was GOOD.

You are commenting using your Google account. Why it was a fail? Maybe I’m too biased toward them, but I can’t say that although their music changed time to time, it never failed to mesmerize me! Log in No account?


ibitsu pv | Tumblr

More for some snappies To whoever translated the lyrics for their song officially, whether it was Ruki himself which I am doubt at but, who knows?

This song is simply addicting to my ears. Many mistakes there that made the translation automatically went wrong. The music is cool!!

the gazette ibitsu full pv

I didn’t understand how they make lyric and translation that was completely different from the real one.