Retrieved 8 May Out of this dream, the first twelve god-like inhabitants of TERA emerged not long before a terrible war amongst them took place. In March , after switching to a free-to-play business model, the game passed 1. The Bluehole Studio founders and employees, formerly employed under NCsoft and working on the Lineage III development team, were convicted by a Korean criminal court for the theft of valuable trade secrets from NCsoft in Please update this article to reflect recent events or newly available information. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. This article needs to be updated.

tera rising gameforge

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TERA – Free to Play MMO

Retrieved 8 February Fifteen winners will be selected by July 15th. I remember a ton of froth over the difficulty in getting it. The mortals and gods fought each other in great divine wars, leaving most of the gods dead, imprisoned, or otherwise diminished. Original North American cover art.

Timing and tactics yameforge key to victory in this game! Rising concurrently with the game’s launch to the free-to-play model. Your adventures in this breathtaking universe will push the very boundaries of the genre. Players must aim along their crosshairs to cast spells and execute attacks, demanding timing and precision, as well as strategic planning. Val Oriyn “cut off from the rest of the world for centuries, Northern Arun is a land of savage gamedorge, colossal ruins, and the undiscovered homeland of the Barakas.


TERA (video game) – Wikipedia

Each race has a set of unique “racial skills” that gives them minor advantages. Become a Hero of Legend Discover your true self. Want a look at the nightmares to come?

TERA also has 13 classes as of October [3]each with their own unique abilities and attributes. A keyboard tra mouse or a control pad can be used to control the character. Gameforge will also host a special screenshot contest in which players can immortalize gameforgf struggle in Forsaken Island or Bathysmal Rise, the two Nightmare Dungeons open during the duration of the contest.

Venture out across the two giant continents, explore complex cave systems, illustrious cities, mysterious forests and other breathtakingly beautiful landscapes.

Gameforge Announces CORSAIR-Sponsored Contests for European Players of Fantasy MMORPG TERA

Explore the breathtaking world of Arborea Express Yourself: Are these games the same or not then? I moved to the NA version and I live in the UK, my ping is about but only a slight delay difference since Gameforge rksing are terrible anyway.

tera rising gameforge

Here are the most important terms you should know: Seven playable races and thirteen classes are available to choose from: Along with being available on Steam, the gunner class was released and new dungeons were added.

TERA has been met with generally favorable reviews, [7] citing the action-based gameplay, huge and widely varied seamless world, the exciting and recurring Big Ass Monster BAM [16] fights, the ease of using the game’s auction house called the Trade Broker and lush, detailed graphics as the game’s high points.


Bluehole Studio also released inactive character names, making them available to new characters. Views Read Edit View history. As a result, TERA released a currency called “Chronoscrolls” that works similarly, as it allows game time to be purchased with real money and sold for in-game gold.

Play now for free or Play on Steam.

Retrieved 14 June Retrieved 28 March InNCsoft filed a complaint to South Korean gosu gamer authorities and brought a civil action for damages and an injunction to Bluehole Studio.

The event will last until October and challenge players to complete six iconic Dungeons on Nightmare Difficulty to obtain exclusive achievements, items, gear, and skills!

tera rising gameforge

The player targets an enemy with a cross-hair cursor rather than clicking or tabbing an individual opponent which is called the “Non-Target battle system” by the developer. Existing chronoscrolls can be sold to merchants for 2, gold.

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