Does anyone know the solution, if so I’d really appreciate the help! That would be awesome I got the following answer Eldenroot: Automatic detection may not work on all servers. Below shows what it looks like on my forum. Settings – Plugins Installed Plugins not showing – overview list is empty. How to install PHP in templates plugin? Hello, Since a week ago, I installed xthreads and I made an event forum as instructed here:

shoutbox mybb 1.6.8

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I was wondering how it does this and where is this function located in the source?

Embed this content in your HTML. Can anyone help point me in the right direction. Does anyone know the solution, if so I’d really appreciate the help!

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I still don’t understand though Guests showing as Administrators. We had Arrow chat on our site for a while no and decided shoutboox update it, doing that it removed itself from the forum and now we have changed it back it still wont come back on the forum, shlutbox can only ask for help for someone to come and look at the footer and header settings and give u access if you need it. The NewPoints amount should be under all of the details like post count, reputation, etc.


shoutbox mybb 1.6.8

Showcase forum global threadfields in index Xthreads. Then I apply the changes and make sure everything is done correctly, I then check my forums to see if it worked and I can’t access any threads, this error comes up: MyBB’s major releases to date include 1. So how do I install the PHP in templates plugin as there is only one file with no instillation guides?

Claim or contact us about this channel. When trying to install this has shown and has disabled my plugin install screen RC3 10 July Release Candiate 3.

Image of this award. Shiutbox to delete error line in plugin install mode. The Master Templates have been altered.

Inferno shoutbox something went wrong

Also I want it to say “You need 2 posts to view the shoutbox” if they dhoutbox not have 2 posts and make it disappear when they do. I have no idea what is this.

shoutbox mybb 1.6.8

I’m assuming it uses some sort of Jquery to ping the user every now and then to make sure he’s still online? I installed one more plugin Mention Me and when I refreshed the page, the plugin list was completely empty. Upgrading should be completed as soon as possible, or forum security could be compromised. Upgrading is not as immediately necessary with simple maintenance releases as it is with security vulnerability patches, but it is recommended and encouraged to upgrade as soon as it is convenient.


I renamed forum folder to forum. Stop MyBB spam on user Homepage: Versions prior to MyBB 1.

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Also, some things are in red because I scratched them out, as they may not be appropriate for this thread. Download from mybb 1. Update 1 November Security Release. Please see the MyBB Docs for shouutbox.

Any chance to get your plugin working with advanced stats too? Is the file writable? Hi, i’ve noticed that MyBB can immediately detect if a user is online or offline. Whatever the version number is, MyBB always urges users to upgrade to the latest version for the highest jybb of MyBB installations.

shoutbox mybb 1.6.8

For me and some users it works but for most it looks like the screenshot I attached to this thread.