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server wodbo 8.54

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Raliuga Thread Apr 23, Replies: I am currently playing on kasteria. Rik Thread Jan 1, Replies: Rik Thread Jan 3, Replies: This thread is archiving content released by multiple users on Otland already and by probably original authors on their website: I am looking for Bynacam for Tibia 8. This is the minimap: Hassanno Thread Jun 1, Replies: Solaris Eclipsa Thread Feb 12, Replies: Now i have problem.

server wodbo 8.54

C [Poland] Dragon Ball Inferno wodbo 8. Can someone make me client that i can use with elfbot? Darklord Thread Oct 6, Replies: Images can be seen in here, as well. It’s mountain for hydras, but you can put here any monsters ; Hope you like it.


– Open Tibia Server List (OTS)

The monsters are not set but the map is the real tibia map. I dont think wdbo needs any screenshots because its just the map. Don Daniello Thread Mar 12, Replies: Jikoe add me rep if i helped y. I worked on this server and decided to share this map.

What’s new Search Search. I have tried my skills in maping 1 or 2 years ago.

I have found on my dropbox only 1 map, but if someone maybe would like to use i just share it. The server is build to present to you the unique climat of Naruto, servef retaining core gameplay mechanics from Tibia.


This patch changes packet 0x83 effects in client 8. I didn’t take the pictures, I don’t have map editor and really don’t want to download it, if you want to complete the map or borrow some pieces you are Might help some people, me personally, I have used it so why not help others.


Magnanimo Question Apr 8, Replies: Vip Town for 8.

server wodbo 8.54

If you got any questions about this server, i will answer with pleasure ;D. Forums Tags JavaScript is disabled. Forums New posts Search forums. I’m sorry, im so lazy and i D don’t cost you anything Qbazzz Thread Apr 24, Replies: Realse DovuX Map 8.