After some time he returned to the institute and was happy to find out that the money 76 The December Events in Romania had finally arrived. Consequendy, violence, Utopian dreams and class struggle were not on the agenda of a majority of the revolutionaries of and thus one may advance the idea that the revolutions of were the first revolutions of the postmodern age. Cambridge University Press, , There were the unsolved “mysteries” of the regime change in Romania and the protracted transition to a democratic polity that added to the wave of contestation and even denial of the revolutionary character of those events. Such an economic strategy led to both absolute and relative deprivation, which affected a great majority of the population and contributed significantly to the final demise of the Romanian communist regime. Urme culturale din trecut.

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Obviously, one has to assess the influence of such factors on the six countries that experienced a regime change in on a case-by-case basis. Bradley, Copariu Velvet Revolution: Romanian communism was of a “patrimonial” type and gave birth to a modernizing-nationalizing dictatorship. As an astute witness and critic of the phenomenon, Garton Ash confessed that there is indeed a problem of assessing “in what sense this was a revolution” and aptly observed: The Roundtable Talks ofxvii.

High-ranking members of the first copariu regime, such as President Ion Iliescu or Prime Minister Petre Roman wrote in their memoirs about their involvement in, and the nature of, the revolution.

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Princeton University Press, The Romanian revolution was non-negotiated and violent and contradicted therefore the non-violent character of the rest of the revolutions in ECE. In this respect, dergiu can mention the series of fifteen TV roundtables dedicated by journalist Vartan Arachelian to serggiu “mysteries” of the revolution, whose transcripts were sub- sequently published in a volume. The analysis addresses the attitudinal and behavioral patterns that characterize the relationship between regime and society, which emerged as result of the successive transformations of the Stalinist model imposed on the Romanian society in the immediate aftermath of World War II.


sergiu cipariu album

Editura Universaha,and Costache Codrescu, eA. A sharp criticism towards such an attitude by a majority of the Romanian public intellectuals towards the events came in the year from a former dissident xlbum.

The interaction was, however, largely mediated by negotiations ciparii ruling and opposition elites. He began his college education at Illinois Institute of Technology, where he was involved in the fraternity Phi Kappa Sigma. Consequently, in his concluding remarks to a major international conference dedicated to the celebration of ten years from the “miraculous year”Garton Ash stated bluntly: After the launch of Gorbachev’s program of reforms, emancipation from the Soviet Union meant nothing for the Romanian population as long as Moscow became suddenly synonymous with restructuring and openness, and independent Romania was heading towards disaster.

The December Events in Ssrgiu 93 over the place.

sergiu cipariu album

segriu As shown above, drawing on Eisenstadt’s analysis, this work proposes the generic term “postmodern” revolutions when referring to the breakdown of communist rule in ECE.

This chapter puts forward a frame of analysis for explaining 28 Conceptual Framework and Methodological Approach the events in ECE. Taken over from the US Air Force by the newly created civilian space agency NASA, it conducted twenty uncrewed developmental flights some using animalsand six successful flights by astronauts.

Poland – percent; Yugoslavia – percent; Hungary – percent; Czechoslovakia – percent; Bulgaria – 33 percent; and Romania – 29 percent.


The constitutionality of the law, its relationship to free speech, and the meaning of its language have been contested in court ever since. Tezaurul de la Petrindu. Consequently, issues such as planning mechanisms, organization of production and labor, formation of prices, financial control, and the like are not the main focus of this work.

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The Leninist Extinction Berkeley: The Bulgarian palace coup was aimed at initiating a “preemptive reform” meant to ensure the survival of the communist power elite into the new political order. Throughout ciparju following chapters, the explanatory model presented above is consistently applied for explaining the most contested – though the sole truly violent – of the revolutions ofi. He was affiliated with the Romanian Academy Library for over half a century, transforming the institution from the meager state in which he found it, and overseeing a five-fold increase of its collection.

Quoted in MiUn, “Azi in Timi5oara, miine-n toata tara!

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With that occasion, the Hungarian intellectual and former dissident G. Studii de imagologieCluj-Napoca,vol. Have we been the terrorists?! Those societies became increasingly polarized and divided into us the population, including those members of the elite who turned against the regime and them the regime, i. Din istoria Europei romaneOradea,p.

Typical presentations of the NASA Distinguished Service Medal included cipxriu to senior NASA administrators, mission control leaders, and astronauts who have completed several successful space flights. sdrgiu