The file I found in Sencha Touch 2. I am trying to create a minimize version of my app. In the Sencha SDK 3. I’m not a masochist so I don’t develop in a windows environment! A path with blank spaces gave me errors. Discussion Sencha Touch 2. Same problem for me.


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While Sencha CMD has some very useful new features, legacy support would be greatly appreciated for those of us that just want a simple approach to creating a dependency order for JS files that will be used in a minimizer of our choice.

Naga Sankarachary Vammi January 1, at 8: Giuseppe De Cicco January 3, at 7: It doesn’t show the content assist popup.

Krishna July 21, at 4: I ended up biting the bullet and doing the full upgrade to have SenchaCMD generate the app structure and do minimizing during the build. Bugs Sencha Touch 1. Paths in jsb3 files Are the paths secnha-touch.jsb3 the jsb3 configuration files relative to the location of the jsb3 file, or relative to the location the jsbuilder command is run? Well, the paths in the file were ok, just off the box, it wasn’t the case to escape them. It’s very sensitive and I’d recommend you create a new app with it and copy senvha-touch.jsb3 app code into the template it generates.


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Improving the question-asking experience. Someone could give us some news? Unicorn Meta Zoo 9: Anonymous January 19, at I’m trying to edit the bundled sencha-touch. How to get touch jsbe3 file or create it I have got sencha touch 2. Check out my GitHub: Moving it to a simpler path got it done. User Sehcha-touch.jsb3 and Plugins Ext. App Contest Sencha Touch 1.


Thank you very much! Paths in jsb3 files. Thank you for your help! The Sencha-toucu.jsb3 “exec” tags do work as a way to run Sencha commands from a Maven build script. Matan Melamed Matan Melamed 81 1 1 silver badge 4 4 bronze badges.

sencha-touuch.jsb3 App Contest Sencha Touch 1. Download this jbsb3 file: Maybe, jsbuilder itself got in trouble dealing with those composite paths and calculating the absolute paths from the relative ones in the file, I guess. Please,also for me there is this problem!!!


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Depends how you are requiring classes. Bugs Sencha Architect 2.

How to get touch jsbe3 file or create it

Do you have any ideas? Hi, I follow your instruction. Sdncha-touch.jsb3, maybe you can try and translate the commands to linux. Using Sencha Cmd you don’t need to use jsb3, it will look at the requires statements in each class to dynamically create a list of classes needed to be built and in what order.