You can use the views and reports RMTrak generates to get an overview of where your project stands, which requirements have passed their tests, and much, much more. Does RMTrak support a requirements baseline and version tracking? We have successfully imported numerous other requirements management application projects. If a tool is difficult to use, the developers, testers, and quality assurance staff tasked with developing the product will likely abandon it. If your company wants to add attributes such as risk, cost, importance, etc. Custom report formats can help your organization to meet its specific needs. Prometeo Technologies is always seeking ways to improve our products and web pages If you have any comments or suggestions, please contact us.


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The tagging you will put in your documents is simple.

RMTrak Requirements Management Tracking/Tracing Tool

With a document-centric tool, requirements are primarily listed in a requirements document. However, a document-centric solution like RMTrak allows for flexibility that a database-centric solution can’t offer. If you still have difficulty understanding how to add tags to your documents after reading the online help files and tutorial, Prometeo Technologies will train you free of charge.

Typically it makes sense to baseline requirements and associated data from the first version of the customer document and then to regard the impact of changes in subsequent versions as new baselines.

Pricing close Thank you for the enquiry. If you have difficulty viewing a graphic, please try re-sizing your browser window. Free Demo Get Pricing. With each requirements document you create, you’ll need to add tags around the individual requirements—this will later allow RMTrak to recognize these items as traceable requirements.


RMTrak was designed for product development companies but can easily be configured for any other type of company needing to tag, trace, allocate, and verify project requirements. The Orphans report shows requirements for which a parent does not exist in the document.

RMTrak can benefit your organization in these ways: Only a single simultaneous user can have the project window open within RMTrak; however, multiple simultaneous users can work on an RMTrak project within Microsoft Word. As long as the requirements each have tags around them, and as long as you follow the formatting guidelines in RMTrak’s project options which you configureyou can format requirements however you like—in tables, captions, paragraphs, lists, or other ways—and each requirement can be formatted in a different way.

We recommend you consistently use a three-item tag that lists the project acronym, requirements document acronym, and requirement number.

At Prometeo Technologies, we understand that the quality improvements gained by using a tool like RMTrak is directly dependent on the quality of r,trak process it supports. The additional overhead associated with many tools is minimized with RMTrak.

Trusted by more than 5 Million global users. Double-click a suspect requirement to see detailed information about it.

RMTrak Documentation

This helps you write additional documentation and to continue the project securely, knowing each requirement is being addressed correctly and efficiently.

Detailed information on how to do this is outlined in the RMTrak tutorial and help files. You can set up RMTrak to automatically import document numbers and revisions from the custom properties rmtak created. You can enable team members to understand their responsibilities and the impact of changing requirements on their project.


Please see the System Requirements page for additional information. You can do this as you import it into the project, or later, from the Setup menu. Trusted by more than 5 Million users across the globe.

However, if you are unfamiliar with creating tags, you should consult other resources before tagging your documents for RMTrak.

Because every company’s needs and development processes are different, it is difficult to say that one solution is universally better.


Which operating system does RMTrak support? How do I create tags? Get Quote close Thank you for the enquiry.


Since RMTrak works within the Microsoft Word environment, all text, graphics, tables, lists, pictures, etc. You can select which documents and attributes you want to see in your Matrix view.

During this process, RMTrak uses its project settings to recognize the tags around the requirements listed in each document. RMTrak has outstanding performance in a multi-user, multi-site distributed environment.

Such projects could have a single RMTrak project database located at one site with remote access from the other sites.