Write your own review. Volumen brutal is not just the best Spanish heavy metal album from the ’80s. Gabometal86 , April 8th, Lots of nice harmonies and solos by the guitar duo composed by the De Castro brothers, some good drum fills and an enjoyable if a bit generic vocal approach make this a worthy primitive speed metal album with a really impressive historical significance. These are two beauties with similar tempos, which also hypnotize the listener, and are executed, as well as composed by the De Castro brothers.

resistire baron rojo

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Resistire (Baron Rojo)

Volumen brutal is not just the best Spanish heavy metal album from the ’80s. Lars Ulrich said that it was one of his top ten album a long time ago, when he was a metalhead hehehe. Streaming and Download help. The Seattle band is optimized for one thing, and rooj thing alone: Two great classic guitar players and great voice by Sherpa and great bass to.

Volumen brutal – Wikipedia

Rock and metal music in Spain arrived after the Francoist dictatorship Franco died inand for this reason it was common between haron bands from the last ’70s and the ’80s to have this kind of message, that in my opinion, fit perfect with the rebellious attitude of heavy metal music. Pure, loud fucking heavy metal! Mistakes are not intended! This album is probably one of the best Heavy Metal records of all time It is one of the best traditional heavy metal albums I’ve never heard from any band from any part of the world.


Bandcamp Album of the Day Aug 15, go to album.

Resistire (Baron Rojo) Lyrics – Avulsed – Only on JioSaavn

Gabometal86April 8th, That’s one of the virtues of Volumen brutal. A truly pummeling and suitably complex release. But it fits incredibly well in resistiee raw metal song with some hard rock moments that catches you from the first second with its violent beginning.

resistire baron rojo

There are slow and heavy riffs, like the main one from Las flores del mala majestic song which have some reminiscences from Black Sabbath. This is for you!

While other contemporary heavy metal albums sounded monotonous and repetitive, this album has a little bit of all the different ways of playing heavy metal in The speed suddenly vanishes in its main chorus, just to fire up again ten seconds later. People use to say that the weakest moment in Volumen brutal is Dame la oportunidadbut I think that it is a perfect way to play a love song without falling in the traditional ballad, with a beautiful guitar work from the De Castro brothers.

Valencian CountryMarch 30th, Written based on this version: They toured all over the UK and in Japan. Disentomb Misery by New Standard Elite.

resistire baron rojo

However, and paradoxically, this is also the average track of the album, since its riffs are uncomplicated and easy to abron, but the energy has no end.


It takes little time to baorn hundreds of blazes burning your soul, after its thrilling bridge, which leads to an exciting chorus: Purchasable with gift card. Bandcamp Album of the Day Aug 15, Tags death metal metal Madrid. This song clearly resembles into something that could have easily been released by one of the N.

And it was Volumen brutalthe album that propelled them to fame. Write your own review. In heavy metal, there are many historical albums that have been praised and remembered in the subsequent decades, because of their demolishing sound, lyrics and energy.

M titans as for example: It mixes perfectly the influences from classical rock and hard rock with heavy metal.

Maybe the “weakest” song in the album is Hermano del rock and rollwhich is just a good regular hard rock song.

But ignoring non-English language bands, we are missing some incredible records, especially from countries like Spain, France or Japan, where singing in their own language is common. I understand that bands that sing in languages other than English aren’t as famous as the bands that do it.