Once your account is created, you’ll be logged-in to this account. That reward cash sold me! Thank you for making this deal available. Hear about the latest deeply discounted deals in music software. I am always waiting for the next one! The phrases are playable in any key, at any speed, and come in a variety of different themes, or scales. Quick customer service response!

realivox the ladies

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Realivox Ladies – Five Individual Singers by Realitone – Audio Plugin Deals

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I’ll be happy to purchase many more plugs from you in the future. And as for audioplugin. Here, you should have turned off that monstrous reverb on Vocal Lyrical Phrases to compare the raw singing voices because that reverb is only good for demos and a real person making real music is going to use their own FX to work with the rest of the music.

Regarding “Riffer” by Audiomodern, the price was more than right for this newly-released and intriguing piece of software.


Professionalism, empathy, I will be happy to look here. Great offers and monetary balance prizes are a great idea to take advantage of. Sorry, can’t write any longer, there are new sounds waiting for me. So far so great! Great Deal as always. Easy to pay and download. This was my first purchase with Audio Plugin Deals–great deal and I received the serial keys right away!

realivox the ladies

Quick delivery and hassle-free. Realivox Blue is much more interesting because you can do any words once you figure out the phonetics and diphthongs.

realivox the ladies

Great plugins for great prices. I love your deal. These products are both feature world class singers available to you at the press of a button. The phrases are playable in any key, at any speed, and come in a variety of different themes, or scales. Try them out today to add a touch of human performance to your projects and take your tracks to the next level.

Great deals often the best and quick service.

[WATCH] Female Vocal Extravaganza: Realivox Ladies Versus Sonuscore Lyrical Vocal Phrases!

Experience and concept are amazing! It’ll be a while yet. The best deals and the most generous rewards on a reealivox variety of products from very high quality sample library developers, they’re basically giving away free money, can’t beat that!!


Great selection of plugins and really reasonable price. When it comes to music, sometimes nothing can beat the human voice. First we have Realivox Ladieswhich is a full fledged sample library featuring 5 amazing singerseach with a vastly different voice and singing style.

Similar to Lyrical Cello Phrasesalso from Sonuscore, this library captures the total performance, and translates all the expressiveness and realism straight into your MIDI keyboard.

Checkout process smooth and quick delivery of instructions as to how to download product. Unique deals, realicox loyalty program and easy check-out! Buy Realivox Ladies by Realitone. Smooth, difficult to refuse ladeis buy: Your site is simple to use and navigate through.

Realivox Ladies by Realitone

Great deals one even better than the manufacturer’s loyalty upgrade. Great rewards scheme, too. There are a lot of great programs I may not have discovered if not for your services – thank you!

I’m trying to save for one of the heavyweight bundles you have.