I almost felt like I needed Prozac after completing this. Still its not a good enough ”reason” and you have a job to attend and perhaps a family to take care of, and besides all love in your heart, you can’t seem to let it show through. I’m not disagreeing with her, but the layout or development of these ideas near the end which are momentous and worth discussing are not given the length and emphasis that they are truly due. If you’re ever having a bad day, and think it can’t get any worse, read this book and it will make your problems seem like nothing at all. Somehow, I had decided that it was going to be a mix between a memoir and a sociological look at how antidepressants are prescribed with little to no consideration of a patient’s actual pathology. Has she found something better in any of the new drugs that have come out since this book, e. In The New York Times , Michiko Kakutani characterized Prozac Nation as “by turns wrenching and comical, self-indulgent and self-aware,” comparing it with the “raw candor of Joan Didion ‘s essays, the irritating emotional exhibitionism of Sylvia Plath’s The Bell Jar and the wry, dark humor of a Bob Dylan song.

prozac nation elizabeth wurtzel

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Nov 20, Sam rated it it was amazing. I am permitted to continue hiding, and finish 3 other depressing novels before picking up this one. Then there is the name and brand dropping.


This all begs the question to me what is the real purpose of this book? S I disagree with the people accusing her of privilege. For the film, see Prozac Eluzabeth film. I became enthralled with Elizabeth Wurtzel.

Prozac Nation – Wikipedia

Books by Elizabeth Wurtzel. Lists with This Book. The premise is that “This can happen to anyone! Whether you think Wurtzel herself pdozac self-indulgent, whiny or attention-seeking is debatable. I’ve read it years ago and it left a strong impression. Maybe she is a much more talented writer than I am giving her credit for, but as a memoir, I am going with my gut reaction here. No one at Harvard has as black of days as she does and, later in the epilogue, the implication is that while “There was never enough money for eizabeth Aug 08, Juliette Alexander rated it it was amazing.

prozac nation elizabeth wurtzel

I learned about so many prescriptions and depression statistics, and even books and movies that I will see after having read this book. Who has the time now to go back and look up the critical reviews and discussion? View all 10 comments. Preview — Elizabegh Nation by Elizabeth Wurtzel. We now eljzabeth the idea of the functional depressive, and depression has become so common place the word is replacing sadness in our vernacular.

Is she still taking Prozac? People with depression are too often accused of being ungrateful, self indulgent, told they need to “get over themselves” because there are people less fortunate than them ect. Prozac Nation is just another whiny LiveJournal-esque blog about how horrible life is An unlikeable protagonist is a hard thing to stomach however, and try elizabety I might I could muster no sympathy for Wurtzel.


Prozac Nation

As described in Prozac Nation, Wurtzel’s depression began at the ages eurtzel ten to twelve. I did feel kind of unsettled by how quickly things come together by the books’ end. Oh, how wrong I was She grew up with a single mother working part time and won scholarships through talent, not money.

prozac nation elizabeth wurtzel

Did her attractiveness mean she was subjected to more negative crap than she would have if she just looked regular? In this book she gives a wurtezl recollection of being “depressed” during her childhood and college years.

Prozac Nation by Elizabeth Wurtzel

There is also the point to remember that when this came out, and when I read it, mental health was even poorer and much more highly stigmatized than it is in This book is just so important and powerful in showing what it’s really like living with depression.

I couldn’t imagine going through life being as emotionally unstable and clingy as the author.

prozac nation elizabeth wurtzel

It’s really incredible to me how certain events in our lives can trigger elizabefh and our mental well-being. But then, all of this is the nature of the beast really, for depression is nothing if not narcissistic.

Prozac is a trade name for the antidepressant fluoxetine.