In the absence of light stimuli, the secretion of melatonin increases, while light inhibits its secretion secretion , triggering serotonin production. Until recently, the most commonly used sources of light in households were incandescent sources, but their time is already over. Melatonina — stale odkrywany hormon. Melatonin, reaching the appropriate receptors, lowers body temperature, which makes falling asleep much easier 9. Endocrine interferences are made by hormones that are transmitted through the blood to the target cells, where they regulate many vital processes.


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Such desynchronization also often appears in vulnerable people in the autumn and winter season, when sunlight is less. The human body is equipped with an endocrine hormonal system that activates various human body systems, adapting them to changing environmental conditions 6.

In everyday life, one can observe that lighting too strong, especially an artificial one, causes irritation, while darkening of lighting, in certain situations, promotes relaxation.

It is a mistake to underestimate the role of proper lighting. Energy-saving LED sources, independent of the switching on and off frequency, durability 25, hresistance to shock, no infra-red radiation and the insignificant share of ultraviolet radiation makes them increasingly used in households.

Summary Light and its practical application in the form of lighting plays an important role in human life, because it generates visual impressions, shapes mental experiences and the rhythm of vital functions.

The second group of modern lighting sources are LED sources light emitting diode — LEDwhich use the phenomenon of current flow through semiconductors so–called p-n connector for the emission of light.

Using blue-green light at night and blue-blockers during the day to improves adaptation to night work: Due to anatomical and physiological changes in the eye organ, older people require higher levels of light intensity compared to young people.


It is important to be aware of possible threats to human beings and the environment, associated with the use of modern lighting sources and knowledge of the rules for proper storage of used fluorescent lamps and LED lamps. Light at night and breast cancer risk worldwide. The problem is that the light at night often does not come from our night lamps, but penetrates through the windows from the outside.

Light-emitting diodes LED for domestic lighting: Not without significance in creating the light climate is the colour of the light used, described by the so-called colour temperature T b expressed in Kelvin [K] the value of the colour temperature is given on the holder or packaging of the light source.


Znaczenie kliniczne i zastosowanie terapeutyczne melatoniny — obecny stan wiedzy. If the fluorescent bulb breaks, open the window and ventilate the room for a minimum of 15 minutes to remove mercury vapours. When using compact fluorescent lamps to illuminate households, it should be remembered that a fluorescent lamp pn8-4/e-02033 classified as hazardous waste, and a broken or cracked fluorescent lamp is a particularly dangerous waste due to the mercury contained there.

The consequence of this is the so-called seasonal depression also called seasonal affective disorder seasonal affective disorder — SAD As many scientific reports have statedthe habit of sleeping with the light turned on is not beneficial for the body, especially the developing one.

Inhabitants lighting issues are usually solved intuitively, because on the issues of house lighting they do not pay too much attention, or do not know how they can provide pn-4/e-02033 lighting in their households. According to Behard-Cohen et al.

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The way in which light determines visual capabilities and physiological reactions depends on the properties of the interacting light stimuli.


Folia Medica Lodziensia ; 37 1: The share of visible radiation in the regulation of physiological processes in the human body is slightly less known. The course of the human vision process is well recognized.


However, in susceptible people, among others older people, desynchronization occurs, resulting in: In the yearsthe process of withdrawal of light incandescent bulbs and replacing them with modern sources, which mainly include compact fluorescent lamps pn-84/e-022033 LED lamps, was carried out. The reduction of damages caused by incorrect lighting conditions can be achieved by following the recommendations given in this article and using the instructions given by the interior lighting creators.

Light plays a key role in human life. What distinguishes the compact fluorescent bulb from the incandescent bulb is the spectrum of radiation, which is called bandwidth spectrum discontinuous. Mercury is a toxic heavy metal that when entering the human body can cause many dangerous diseases, ranging from headache and limbs pain, gastrointestinal mucous membrane inflammation to central nervous system and kidney damage.

Proper lighting — using natural solar or artificial light — determines the efficiency and comfort of vision.


According to Rose et al. Proper lighting is the illumination chosen in terms of quantity and qualitative to the degree of difficulty of visual work and to current psychological needs and individual limitations or preferences of the user of the illuminated interior.

The advantages and disadvantages of modern lighting sources used for housing lighting have also been approached, taking into account the ecological aspect.