As Android devices are also MP3 players, the ability to run a great deal of multimedia content on the phone is a viable option. There is no way to make new friends with similar musical tastes that I could find, or to expand the application in any other way. Nutsie only lists the songs in your playlists that it already has on its server. There was no lag time on the player at all when using it online. You can join my Facebook Group here. Conveniently share your music library with friends and let them stream your songs from wherever they are.

nutsie itunes music player

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Without the handy integration of iTunes, however, the process can seem a little byzantine.

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Receive artist information and options for purchasing the song as well. It took some finagling to download Nutsie to my phone, an F by LG.

But I love it. The free Android app from Grooveshark grants mobile access to your online library while on the go. I help business owners to grow their businesses online.

nuTsie iTunes Music Player Software Download – Free nuTsie iTunes Music Player Application

One of my favorite free music playlist is the top Romantic songs. G-Force is a really cool visualizer that works with most of the popular music nusic, including iTunes. Once I got past its issues, the application loaded immediately, giving me access to my Nutsie iTunes playlist on the go. There was no lag time on the player at all when using it online.


In their own words: It starts with the GForce Premium ad but that disappears in about seconds. Since the day I stumbled on this streaming music website, I hardly browse the internet without keeping the site opened on a separate page because it allows me to listen to new music while I am busy blogging.

Nutsie only lists the songs in your playlists that it already has on its server.

nutsie itunes music player

Thanks for the info. One thing — you can only stream an iTunes song once, or only listen to a portion of a song. After I received my confirmation from Nutsie, I clicked the link and was taken to my home page. We recommend FreshBooks for your accounting needs.

13 Addons iTunes Users should Know About

Here is something for those who use iTunes but not an iPod. Moody addon is too cool. Are you looking for something highly customizable? Productivity Windows OneDrive vs.

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Hey, the SimplifyMedia one is awesome. Here are some Android apps that make it simpler to access and enjoy music on your Android device. Your password reset link appears to be invalid or expired. Nutsie also gives you the chance to view your list by CD instead of by song, muaic grabs the artwork that goes with the CD for you to browse visually. Nutsie is a unique little Web 2.


nutsie itunes music player

Log in Privacy Policy To use social login you have to agree with the storage and handling of your data by this website. Follow us facebook twitter googleplus instagram linkedin youtube. I am sure you will love it too. Feel free to share with friends. Thank you for including Simplify Media! Log In With social network: Works both with music and video files. Pandora also helps you discover new music as well.