Learning objectives are reflected in order to be able to ask questions easily towards the high point and the students will understand what needs to be mastered in each section. Introductory Course, intermadiate Course, and Advanced Course. A when B neither C either D or Because, he says, he finds that his new workplace Imitate a recording Unit 6: Choice A associates money with buy.

new toeic 4n4 860 level

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Over titles practices are compiled in the form and content of the new exam.

In this part you will read a selection of texts, such as magazine and newspaper articles, fetters, and advertisements.

B He moved here last August. C It was a western film, The methods and skills to do all step by step help to improve results in every part of the new tests.

new toeic 4n4 860 level

Through step-by-step lessons, the leveo and strategies to effectiely handle all parts of the test are at the forefront of the series. A that B this C those D these According to the latest news report, the government has decided to raise income tax rates for with high incomes.


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C In the Blue Mountain Room. CD Listening Comprehension Review section included. In the Red River Room. They promised to have the new phones installed by Wednesday before noon. Each nfw is follwed by several questions.

new toeic 4n4 860 level

C It looks very nice on you. A It’s time for a coffee break. The distribution reasonable time and simulate the actual exam will help you get familiar with the feel of the exam room. Sugano’s sales presentation is supposed to start B She’s buying a new hat.

Although he would earn S a week less in the new position than he did at his old one, According to the article, why did Mr. Where is the meeting room?

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They’re so refreshing, and everything is so green and new. How many employees do you have? Rainbow Toeic Part 1,2,3,4 Audio. Actual Tests will make you familiar with the actual exam.

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Why does Althea think Kathy is suitable for this job? The real question has to be carefully selected While attending the TOEIC testthe compilers of this book have classified the questions according to difficulty level and topicso that the design of materials and exercises close to the real exam. Updated to meet the needs of students preparing for the latest versions of the SAT and ACT college entrance tests, the new edition of this helpful, longtime best-selling book features word lists with definitions, analogy exercises, word games, and words-in-context exercises.


B She didn’t have time to buy a newspaper.

New toeic 4n4 level download

This new procedure will continue through the end of August, we will revert to A He’s going to put his bag in the car. C There’s one in town. Comments The Visitors says.

new toeic 4n4 860 level

A To meet the new director. C I found anew job.