Solved Luck Coin Help!! Saint Seiya Next Dimension. Next Dimension , written and illustrated by Masami Kurumada. Mashie tried with 2k str 8k agi still can’t wear item. Haha, don’t worry about that. I finish all the quests, even the 3rd job quest. The Satellites are all excellent archer, their armor, recall the legend Japanese of the moon rabbits.

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Jan 1, Messages: Gix May 24, Next Dimensionwritten and illustrated by Masami Kurumada.

mu sylphid

LeonanMay 24,in forum: Yes, my password is: The inventory GUI contains images of the equipment parts so you should be able to easily match those with the items you are trying to equip. Please help with my elf. List of Saint Seiya anime-only characters.

mu sylphid

The antagonistic characters appear as various deities from Greek mythology, who rule over the realms that form Earth, and their servants who form part of their armies created to wage war against Sylpbidthe protector of the Earth realm.


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Your name or email address: Solved Luck Coin Help!! No, you don’t need 3rd class to wear Sylphid Ray items. Saint Seiya by Masami Kurumada.

To date, Kurumada has shown them as loyal to the moon goddess Artemis. Jun 5, Messages: You must log in or sign up to reply here.

Although there is a Black Saint counterpart for each one of the 88 constellations, Kurumada featured prominently only four in his manga, the dark equivalents of the protagonists: It says on the item that can be equipped by Muse Elf 2nd class I just checked and could equip boots just fine http: GixJul 24, Mashie tried with 2k str 8k agi still can’t wear item.

Here are the screenshots. Similar Threads – Please Help elf. Retrieved from ” https: Ju Seiya Next Dimension.

Item Drop de Kalima 7 | Guias Mu Online Season 13 y anteriores

I thought I bought a pair of boots. Their order was formed centuries ago by mighty warriors who, in the same way as Athena’s Saints, were capable of rending the skies with their fists and splitting the earth with their kicks. Their only known technique is “Blue Sylphdi. Ezekiel Jun 26, Log in or Sign up.


Mu Sylphid

sglphid Solved Gambler Help PipizinhoJun 26,in forum: Although Artemis initially shows hostility to Athena, she later offers her assistance.

In this case you need to make sure that your character is indeed level normal level is shown when switching character too and not I finish all the quests, even the 3rd job quest.

Please have a look.

mu sylphid

Lists of Saint Seiya characters Lists of fictional villains. Jul 24,