Making the most of Moshidraw a guide in formation I recently acquired a 40W generic chinese laser aka K40 which came with Moshidraw USB controller card. Engraving and cutting on the same piece accurately Moshi has an ‘assist’ layer function – this is similar to construction lines in Solidworks. By Harpy in forum Glass, Plastic and Stone. This — it seems — is impossible. I will post more about that process later. You can do this quite successfully I’ve tried Coreldraw X4 and Solidworks Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

moshidraw right

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I guess it involved trying every button in sight and seeing what would happen… I did have a clue about PLT being the way to make this work through this article: Versa is used for engraving on the back of rigth or glass, so that you can see the image through it the correct way round but the surface is flat.

Moshidraw engraving location settings!!! Originally Posted by Ranscon. I hope I don’t have the same problem with You can do this quite successfully I’ve tried Coreldraw X4 and Solidworks It takes all of the headaches out of using the machine.

moshidraw right

Use the x,y coordinates in the top bar. You must save in R14 version of.

moshidraw right

I also found out that the ‘cutting order’ is the first thing drawn is the first thing cut, so once drawn I normally need to do a little bit of cutting and re rignt in the original position to fool the software in to cutting the parts in the correct order. Mlshidraw several people have pointed out, the standard software that comes with the machines is a complete pain in the butt. Originally Posted by jayybone.


But there is a Immediate check box which means if its checked the laser starts the program cut at the position of the head. I believe that it was worth the download and upgrade, it only adds a little to the learning curve.

Your email address will not be published. So you have to cut directly in the Output window, which preserves the vectors from the.

MoshiDraw RIGHT Download – Open BMP/JPG/WMF/EMF/PLT files, control laser machine to engrave and cut

The reason for this weird workflow? This will not be at all logical. If you figure it out let me know. I should have documented these as well… Thanks for your comment… I mistook it for spam earlier I get so much….

Combined Cutting and Engraving in Moshidraw | Gregor van Egdom

Just cutting a vector graphic from a decent graphics suite or CAD-package is reasonably simple: Make sure that the stuff you want to engrave has a solid black fill. This software is just terrible for usability, but it is cool to actually cut!


moshidraw right

The software would indicate that the machine is closed and there is no USB connection. I purchased one of these machines used and then upgraded to MoshiDraw I’ve been doing my work in Corel draw and sending it MoshiDraw Right I haven’t dight through it as thoroughly as I’m working away from home for 3 months.

One of the things that I remember is a button in the program that when clicked on, allowed the axes of the laser to be manually moved around without shutting down the laser.

I don’t believe it’s malicious and it’s on a laptop I use just for the laser.

Combined Cutting and Engraving in Moshidraw

Newest version now is But they did give us that link to CorelDraw I came across this software that might be interesting for people running the normal hardware: I recently bought a really cheap Chinese laser cutter from China.

You also set the cutting speed in this same window, click moshidrraw button and the laser starts the cutting of the selected work. Both require a Download to the controller so the controller knows what to do.