The first case is obvious. Try it with Unwrap! These savings can add up for larger prints. The line will turn blue and will be less likely to snap to other posts. Best Newcomer in a Supporting Role?

meshmixer 2.0

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In our scenario, a singular support has been generated at the base of the Thinker’s knuckles. You can download Meshmixer here. Just hold the shift key and drag with the left mouse mdshmixer. Pieces certainly can come loose — especially on larger prints — so careful cross-linking of the struts is essential, and I generally print with at least 25 loops of brim to help keep the supports firmly anchored on the bed. The generic overhang-angle-based blanket support the Cura and other slicers offer seemed like a poor choice, and one that was likely to result in such extensive coverage that the finished surfaces would be quite badly damaged.

Using MeshMixer Slicing packages like Cura build support at a low-density mesh that generally covers the meshmixxer to be supported, and then stops a layer or two short of the intended support point, providing a backstop for any drooping parts that need supporting, while being able to be broken away with relative ease. Meshmixer lets you specify the angles of the surfaces that need support, and the size and packing density of the medhmixer pillars.


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The Basics of Post-Processing. While you can drag lines out by hand, they tend to snap to anything but the ground, nine times out of ten.

System Requirements Meshmixer 3.5

Related articles 3D printed railway models, part II: Once the print finishes, you can remove it from the bed and remove the support. Would you like to restore your file? March 11, at Blender or Maya, 3DS Max… is pretty good in mdshmixer regard, but unlike Meshmixer, things are starting to get pretty complex in these programs.

I am struggling with one part I am hoping someone can help me with. Landscape ASA Prusament is here! Simon, just a quick remark. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. By default, Meshmixer cuts with an infinite plane. You can have multiple printers in the same file.

Meshmixer is available | MaxStation | AREA by Autodesk

Until you realize that, manipulating the view can be rather frustrating! Next, meshmixdr want to add extra struts to hold the supports in place — especially where the support beam are long, or leaning over at an angle.


Cases number 2 and 3 are a little bit trickier to recognize. The following webpages may also be of use when considering smart supports.

meshmixer 2.0

Printing With the supports all set, printing is pretty straightforward. You can also cross link each island of supports to the adjacent ones to further increase the stability, and to provide some failsafe options incase one of the support struts falls over before it reaches the desired height.

Any help on dropping in the primitive meshmxer making relatively aligned whith the surface would be helpful.

Oh, and it’s free, for Windows and macOS.

July 30, at In particular, its hard to get it to put a leg down to the build plate that way; it will generally want to join another support, or the model itself. So that you need to creat and print a cutting guide.

meshmixer 2.0

Cut with an infinite plane vs a cut with dimension constrained plane. Finally, I think it would be useful if the support generation was a bit more intelligent, and the editing capabilities a bit more capable. Thicken a Mesh using Weaverbird and Grasshopper.