And here is a permanent link to the Hanafurirou glossary. Anonymous 20 May at Okay, I will do my best. Would you mind telling why? It’s one of the best manga of the best mangaka around

mede shireru yoru no junjou drama cd

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But the first scene is a fun one, so enjoy!

Well, I watched it, into Yaoi Tengoku channel! Sorry for the delay HI Roby-San, how are you!!!

This one is a pretty long project! Anyway I will ask to the girls if there is someone who wants to dra,a on it! But after this, I soon found another beauty.

Totally Captivated was taken down right now due to the closed of YT acc before. Just wondering where your Chocolate Strawberry Vanilla blcd go.? Hope u will understand!

mede shireru yoru no junjou drama cd

Anonymous 5 March at Of course if you want to do it, it’s not like I would not appreciate!!! So we will know! But I still need to improve that, before using it for the main blog!


Yea, I know he’s girly, just like a classical long black-haired beauty. God of Martial Arts Vol. That said, it’s not that bad, really, just part of the disastrous night. If you mean that you dont find all the porjects of before, it’s coz I need to re up them!!!! Love your blog so much! But I cant assure when But, if u dont mind, think about another project with a drama cd and share it with us again!

We left off with poor Kagerou being mistreated by Tamafuyou, and now we get a much happier scene between him and Kichou.

Big Beauty – 青い雨 — LiveJournal

Ahahah happy to know u liked it! I know somebody else started it awhile ago but they didn’t finish it.

mede shireru yoru no junjou drama cd

Since I’m talking BL, so fyi these two are guys but not girls. Anonymous 12 July at I’m uploading that one indeed!

mede shireru yoru no junjou drama cd

Sorry for this late anawer, I’m swamped by all the re ups!! If so are they on this site?


So head over here for the glossary. Second I cant give a closed access, coz it’s totally against the idea I had when i drana this blog and coz I cant even imagine to give one by one access But sadly right after sharing some of her projects here, her videos, safe for more than 3 years and pubblicly shared without problems got flagged, and her channel was delected.

Mede Shireru Yoru no Junjou

Unknown 10 November at Anonymous 5 September at Hello to u too! If u have some other ideas we can do sooner already avaible dont hesitate to ask again! As someone who is still in school, I think it’s pretty cool to have completed.