Any errors and shortcomings are my sole responsibility. I have tried to show how Salafi radio stations played a role in the dispute. I will explain about these groups in the next section. Can it be explained as inconsistency or is there a different degree by the Salafi in accepting and accommodating technology? He is an opponent of Luqman Baabduh, and is closely related to Dzulqarnain.

manhaj dakwah kampus document

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Moreover, the number of Rodja Radio listeners could be more than a hundred thousand because it has five branches of the Rodja Radios, in Bandung, Berau, Lampung, Tanjung Pinang, and Pontianak. The lecture was broadcast live on Al-Madinah FM.

manhaj dakwah kampus document

He is an opponent of Luqman Baabduh, and is closely related to Dzulqarnain. Islamic Source Books in University-based Halaqah. In fact, wome n have obligations and it has to be the ir priority to e xe cute the se obligations, such as taking care of the ir husbands and childre n.

Ple ase e xplain to us. Columbia University Press, In this article, we are dealing with the purist. The case study of two Salafi radio stations, Al-Madinah FM and Darussalaf FM, gives an example of how religious authority has been contested on air by two opposing Salafi groups.


manhaj dakwah kampus document

As it is clear, the contest was driven not only by different interpretations of Islam but was also motivated by their attempts to influence society, and, to a certain extent, to sustain economic interests connected with media broadcasting and educational institutions. Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, That is why Al-Madinah FM did not air a special sermon in order to counteract those critiques. The re foreit is be tte r for wome n, e ven more so for young girls, to stay at home.

With this in mind, non-commercial breaks called public service announcements iklan layanan masyarakat are broadcast. Regarding the contrasting opinions, he stated that proponents of both opinions should respect and have regard for each other. A number of studies on Salafism in Indonesia have focused on modern media usage by Salafis.

On the history of Salafism in Indonesia, see, i. There exist no reliable data on how many Indonesian Muslims listen to Rodja Dakwqh. A Contest for Religious Authority previously categorised by writers for instance, Hasan ; Bulabo et al.

In some respects, this is similar to the principle that other non-Salafi radio stations hold.

Salafi Dakwah Radio: A Contest for Religious Authority

Thalib himself faced and still faces the accusation of being a sururi. Last modified January 12, Indiana University Press, p. Salafis aspire to emulate the way manhqj life of the prophet as literally as possible. This is due to the rigidity and strictness of their dakwah.


Konsep Gerakan Dakwah Hidayatullah dalam Buku Panduan Berislam

Salafism is applied not only to Wahhabism but also to other Islamic movements whose main aim is to bring Islam back to its origins. Many of our ikhwan friends met a new friend, and they focument to him about fitnah libel. While the latter emerged in the eighteenth century, the former already existed in early years of Islam.

Of the most important is tahdhir, which refers to a warning given by a Salafi authority shaikh in the Middle East to those Salafis considered to have gone astray from the right way of the Salaf.

A Salafi shaikh gives a Salafi teacher a tahdhir based on information given to him. The Case of Salafism in Indonesia.

Konsep Gerakan Dakwah Hidayatullah dalam Buku Panduan Berislam – UMS ETD-db

The Hindu then consulted a religious teacher ustadh about his intention to become a Muslim. Two studies, by Hasan ; and Wahid respectively, have underlined the role of radio in the Salafi movement.

manhaj dakwah kampus document

They have been constantly fractured into groups.