Your game should now look like this: It will appear in center of the screen and MAME will create borders around the outside; looking like this: Tested with versions 0. Although these may work in different combinations, you will probably notice a sharp reduction in quality if you change any of the following settings; final display aspect ratio of 4: Show only gameplays with notes. Follow the section below titled ‘How do I tell a game to use the custom border?

mame 0.143 u9

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MAME will remember your selection from now on. IE; “Twinkle Star Sprites” would be twinspri.

Rx3 Mame ChangeLog Page

The game will be shown in correct aspect ratio at correct resolution of 4x magnification. In this case, please indicate below.

Include better titles also. Options Export the results. The ‘shadow mask’ creates a honeycomb type of pattern which is great by itself. Posted by JClampy at Also, if you have not used HLSL before you might like to read my quick start guide here; http: If you use a widescreen and can’t get desired effects then first try running MAME in a window 0143 not fullscreen.


mame 0.143 u9

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Rx3 Mame ChangeLog Page

You will be prompted to download the file. Here is a soft edged black border that I have created for a ‘Centered Display’. Then select and [Enter] into the ‘video options’ sub menu. Show only gameplays with notes.

U you need to choose whether you want a ‘shadow mask’ or an ‘aperture grille’ pattern. This is a screenshot showing an ‘aperture grille with scanlines’ and MAME default border’s. This is a screenshot of an ‘shadow mask without scanlines’ and JClampy’s custom border’s. Tested with u 0.

All Supported Not supported. Otherwise I will take everything offline for my private friends and personal use only. Press the [Tab] key again to exit out of the ‘in-game menu’. I recommend the ‘shadow mask’ when used without scanlines and the ‘aperture grille’ with scanlines.

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One way 2 ways horizontal 2 ways strange 2 ways vertical 3 ways 4 ways 5 ways 8 ways 16 ways Unavailable. Export to a file. You can get the file from here: Whereas if you prefer a crosshatch pattern then an ‘aperture grille’ when combined with scanlines will accomplish this. Good Imperfect Preliminary Test Unknown. Download latest exported file. If that does not work then you may have to use MAME’s ‘Border Artwork’ feature to get the game image displayed in a correct aspect ratio window.


Due to the fact that ‘standard 4: Make this your current list.

mame 0.143 u9

You can create a new private list, visible only to you, that will allow you to group, view or do other operations on your favorite games.

So for this example rename it to: After indepth research and testing there is only one way to get HLSL working properly with these games, the following instructions will show you how: Create e new list.