Reduce brightness on screen saver patch Repository: Fixed audio thumbnails thanks, Abel Espinosa! Fixed transcoding of videos with multiple audio streams with FFmpeg Fixed not being able to delete folders containing folders that are within watched folders on Windows Fixed Fully Played status not saving for some users Fixed files not being immediately deleted from the database if their parent folder was deleted Fixed standalone build auto updater downloading non-standalone builds Languages: Fixes problems with character encodings 3. Here are the most important parameters:

logitech media server 7.6.2

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For details about the other changes in this huge release, see the changelogs below – one for the changes since v7, and the other for the changes since the v8 Release Candidate.

logitech media server 7.6.2

Fixes use of Exif orientation Updated xmlwise to 1. Updated all languages to remove unused translations thanks, ler0y and Nadahar! This includes a shell script Linux automate the creation of the patch and repository files. I think the max version allowed currently is 7. There is an esrver to always use the active setting when the Squeezebox is playing.

Nightly Builds

Updated Dutch translation thanks, Leroy! Fixed connectivity with Sony renderers Languages: Improved detection of H. Some renderers will still have their bitrates halved until they are confirmed to not need it. Many thanks to Kurt Poulsen who helped with beta testing, esp. Fixed custom device configuration loading Added more logging Fixed folders not showing if they were previously empty, with “hide empty folders” enabled thanks, jensaarai!


Updated MediaInfo to 0.

Squeezebox Server (), Linux and Itunes finally works!

The plugin should be available through SBS Plugin download manager, or available for manual install from my website http: It works only mecia bit Windows. Updated Commons Codec to 1. Use image instead of text in thumbnail overlays Improved the web interface Added support for using Open Subtitles credentials Improved filename prettifying Fixed bump support jedia mobile devices Renderers: It should now load the new build.

Rating Rating from Updated Italian translation thanks, bartsimp! Improves security Changes since 3. Automatic sorry, 5 options with the checkbox.

Serviio is soo much easier to use. Uses the media folders by default on Windows and macOS instead of the whole user directory Added support for using GPU video cards for decoding via FFmpeg thanks, onontrb! If the unit is being used to view images the additional brightness is necessary so a manual override still seems like a useful addition.

SqueezePlay Help | AVForums

I installed the Applet Installer on my Touch. Added support for links in tooltips thanks, taconaut!


logitech media server 7.6.2

A value of “30” before 77.6.2 correspond to a value of “15” now. Fixed seeking with FFmpeg when embedded picture-based subtitles Use FFmpeg by default to transcode embedded picture-based subtitles Stop MediaInfo from using the network Renderers: Fixes bugs Updated slf4j to 1.

Server shares

Improves speed Fixes bugs Updated slf4j to 1. Updated InterFrame to 2.

The Windows releases work on Windows Vista onwards. In this release, we no longer require Java to be installed, at any time. Fixed the ability to stop scanning the library Fixed the ability to resume videos with external subtitles Fixed LPCM transcoding Fixed renderer selection Fixed timeseek detection thanks, tdcosta!

Improved default settings for smoother playback on wired and wireless networks Made FFmpeg more reliable when transcoding embedded subtitles Enabled file cache by default Updated logo subtle Serve cache handling Disabled FFmpeg deferring to MEncoder for xerver by default Fixed thumbnails on some Samsung TVs Fixed general bugs Renderers: