Wireless Networking 1 Thursday at Type in the default password “admin” in lowercase. I am on Linksys only hardware: Checking Printer Status The Printer Status option allows you to check the name, status, and printing details of each printer attached to the PrintServer. After making all your setting. When the Printer Status appears, select the port where the printer is connected to view its status.

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As I said before: I NEED to be able to print and can’t depend on reaching the sometimes unreachable Win7 computer on our network which hosts our printers. When I click resume, after two seconds it simply just goes back into pause mode! If you change any of the setting the unit will linksye the setting and hourglass will appear.

[SOLVED] How to: Setup a Linksys Print Server

Xubuntu is default OS. Also if anyone does find something here that is an issue or vulnerability, please do note it for myself and others to take notice of.


This took me a good part of the day AND Linksys tech support wasn’t much help. There are five major settings on your PrintServer that you may need to configure to use the BiAdmin Management Utility:.

Select the Wireless Tab. Ketchup79 2 minutes ago. Kinksys options also correspond to the icons that appear. Followed them step-by-step, but I cannot access the device not visible on my network I changed the setup from DHCP to static. I am doing network scans to see if I can find out which IP address the server is using not described in any documentation. The Leds are on, but that’s all Yep its all configured In this example, the IP address of the router is Wireless Networking 3 Friday at 6: Here’s how I obtained linjsys Infrastructure if you want the PrintServer to communicate using an access point or wireless router.

If the Bi-Admin Management Utility icon has. What a great achievement!!

When the Bi-Admin Management Utility appears, make. If the Bi-Admin icon has been created, you can double-click it instead. My Stuff My Printer: The Printer Status option allows you to check the name, status, and printing details of each printer attached to the PrintServer.


Linksyshelp !: Using Print Server’s Bi-Admin Utility

ConfigurationtipsWPS54G. After making all your setting. If it utillty not sacn again. These options and their submenus are described below. RoMe Forum Guru Member. If you did so is the WLAN light on and blinking? I have always used the setup wizard or the Biadmin Management Utility to set up the printserver.

Linksys Wireless PrintServer for USB 2.0r (wps54gu2) install

Ensure the Bi-Admin Management Utility is installed on your computer. Click Main then select Configure. Select the “Wireless” tab. After some back and forth, the tech said this unit was non functional.