Antharas Thrower Top-grade Top-grade. Antharas Shaper Top-grade Top-grade. Gibe me fixZ, what ju dunt anderstend? Lindvior Slasher Top-grade Top-grade. You can post now and register later. The weapon you get when defeating a dragon is of low quality , however, it can be improved to common , high- and top quality with the help of certain NPCs.

l2 exilium patch

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What else i can do with it? Lindvior Cutter High-grade High-grade. Fafurion Dual Dagger Top-grade Top-grade. Fafurion Dual Blunt Standard Standard.

l2 exilium patch

Lindvior Dual Dagger Top-grade Top-grade. The weapon you get when defeating a dragon is of low quality, however, it can be improved to common, high- and top quality with the help of certain NPCs. By Emersonb Started 4 hours ago. Valakas Buster Top-grade Top-grade.

l2 exilium patch

Valakas Slasher Fragment Fragment. Valakas Thrower Standard Standard. Posted September 1, Fafurion Stormer Top-grade Top-grade. Lindvior Cutter Top-grade Top-grade.


Exilium World – L2J Server

Antharas Cutter Top-grade Top-grade. Valakas Shaper Fragment Fragment.

L2 exilium diffrent protocol version problem By toxaiSeptember 1, in General Discussion [English]. Antharas Thrower High-grade High-grade. I already download client and patch from exilium site, next i instal it and do the full update by using exilium launcher. Lindvior Caster Fragment Fragment. Fafurion Stormer Fragment Fragment. I have problem with l2 exilium High five serwer http: Valakas Cutter Standard Patdh.

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Fafurion Dual Blunt Fragment Fragment. Antharas Slasher Fragment Fragment. Valakas Buster High-grade High-grade. Antharas Slasher Top-grade Top-grade. Valakas Retributer Fragment Fragment.

l2 exilium patch

Lindvior Dual Dagger Fragment Fragment. Antharas Buster Standard Standard. Antharas Avenger High-grade High-grade.

Valakas Retributer High-grade High-grade. Paste as plain text instead. Reply to this topic Start new topic. Game works but always when i log in in 1min im getting error and when i run l2 again and i select serwer i get disconect and “your protocol version is different.


Valakas Slasher Standard Standard. Valakas Retributer Top-grade Top-grade.