Thanks for the help. So to restore a Joomlapack backup, I put the jpa file in my public html folder with kickstart. You certainly do not need to preinstall Joomla on the localhost. I have my 1. I’d definitely recommend moving the old files to a safe place and doing this into an empty directory.

joomlapack extract

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Start Newer 1 Older End 1. My external server uses php 5. Not very useful for testing purposes unless I can import a copy of my existing database.

You will need to edit the database details, as the archived etxract file will show the settings as were used on the server. Appie ThrasherJun 12, Also not sure on restoring the datadase. If I had known this two days ago I would have saved a lot of trial and error.

joomlapack extract

I have a jpa backup of my live site but when i used akkeba extract there did not appear to be a database even though it was listed a full backup.


I also have a test site with J2. I uploaded the site archive and the execution file kickstart. Any idea about joimlapack to cooridnate the templates along with Joomla?

joomlapack extract

I could uase a little more help if you could answe the following: On the local test site I was able to migrate VM to 2. I want to delete all malware. This will install Joomla, VirtueMart and any other components that were in the installation on your server.

Your name or email address: Joo,lapack want to delete all malware Also not sure on restoring the datadase. My sites are Joomla! Log in or Sign up. I was trying to start moving a site from my home server to the server in the data center. Should I install a version of J1.

Now that I know the backup procedure I won’t be as stressed if something happens to one of my sites. Appie ThrasherJun 15, Everything went just fine until the part where I deleted the installation folder.

JoomlaCode > Projects > Akeeba Backup (formerly JoomlaPack) > Releases > Browse Frs Release

Things got a little shaky when I added VM 2. Unzip the file and copy the ioncube joomlapac, into C: Bruce Morgan Full Member Posts: So to restore a Joomlapack backup, I put the jpa file in my public html folder with kickstart. Bruce Morgan on February 17, The above error message is caused by the fact that the backup has not been extracted yet, so it does not identify any problem on its own.


Yes, and yes to that one.

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My web hoster is not using it now and may need to either upgrade or add another server with 5. The orders came across as well as the prducts and categories.

Is that the liktely problem? I having been playing with this all day. The two options are to install Sample date or migrate.