You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. The Video Game Magazine. World of Game MIDs. Something wrong with these data? They summarized “If you are looking for a great side-scrolling game, Johnny B. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. How to download all files from archive.

johnny bazookatone soundtrack

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johnny bazookatone soundtrack

By using this site, you agree to the Jphnny of Use and Privacy Policy. Help – description of Music record fields. Johnny Bazookatone is a platforming video game developed by Arc Developments and published by U.

February 22, JP: Why do some Midi tunes sound strange. Game rip My rating: Johnny Bazookatone 3DO box art.


Scary Larry gave the 3DO version overall approval as well. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

johnny bazookatone soundtrack

Music record info screen description. Easiest way to play Midi tunes under Windows. PC Game Midi problems and info. World of Game MODs. Why World of Game Mids was done. Emap International Limited 4: SAT, PS1 [3] [4].


johnny bazookatone soundtrack

Retrieved from ” https: My Hohnny on Amiga. Views Read Edit View history. Why the ZIP is used for archiving files. Reviewing the Saturn version, Sam Hickman of Sega Saturn Magazine called Johnny Bazookatone “three hundred hours of the most boring platform action ever invented”, citing blurry spritesenemies which are persistently annoying rather than challenging, and the game’s generally outdated look and feel.

And I have to mention that this jump’n’run game has almost one hour of original tunes, wow! While criticizing the awkward controls and lack of gameplay innovation, he found the game’s “hip and well drawn” graphics, mixture of funk and house music, soundtrcak overall style were enough to recommend it. Music soundrtack info fields summary. How to convert Midi tunes to MP3.

How to download all files from archive. The Video Game Magazine. How to play ZIP archives directly from Winamp.

Johnny Bazookatone Music CD – VGMdb

Easiest way to play MOD tunes under Windows. My game music page. Contact info Slovak version This is an ad-free site. Something wrong with these data? Some releases also came equipped with a music CD based on the game’s musical score. They summarized “If you are looking for a great side-scrolling game, Bazookatons B. PC Game Midi ripping guide.


World of Game MIDs. General Midi compatible Midi formats.