You don’t really know a lot of people but it feels like you do, because even though they have no idea who you are you still follow their lives -or the bits they are willing to share- and in some strange way you feel like you know them. You write the same lies over and over again, listing the store-bought parts of yourself that you respect the least. I spent six hours online this morning, reading job postings and writing terrible cover letters, and having shallow conversations with a dozen of my friends. Overqualified is a surprisingly funny, witty and touching collection of job application cover letters written by Joey Comeau himself to various corporations and companies. Read the letters online Buy the book from Topatoco Buy the book or ebook at Amazon Look at reader reviews on goodreads.

joey comeau overqualified

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Sep 13, Kate Stericker rated it it was amazing Shelves: The letters josy quickly become surreal or comic or unsettling or deeply sad ruminations on this fictionalised-Comeau’s life and there’s something very human about it all, especially when it gets a bit uncomfortable with the honesty of it all. Overqualifiev and Comeau break up, leading to despair and living with the grandmother. The first edition is sold out, even before the book is technically published.

joey comeau overqualified

Cover letters are all the same. Return to Book Page. A few of the letters go into more detail than even their much-abused premise could comequ maintain, but then again, it started with the premise that a grieving brother used Personal Statement letters to companies as a kind of open diary.


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Some lovely and true moments, though. The letters are by turns hilarious and tragic, highly inappropriate and oversharing. His older brother was killed by a drunk driver.

But the first and the middle parts are amazing! His memories are somehow jpey memories too, the bits we all remember from our life, and I feel like we’re closer friends, now, even if we don’t know each other.

joey comeau overqualified

Any human being who wants to work, who wants to earn a basic living, should have to humiliate himself on every level imaginable, and undergo as many pointless, overquwlified, and mind-numbingly tasks as possible. I would put it in a book. July 2nd Read: The letters take unexpected turns when the author starts sharing life experiences and all sorts of childhood and teenage memories. But the cover letters are a twist on traditional cover letters, in that he uses them to illustrate a part of his life and sort of tie it to the company.

A tasty snack rather than a hearty meal but those can be delicious and a real pick-me-up too – and this is what this charming little book is.

Overqualified (short story collection) – Wikipedia

To say much more would spoil it. This means you guys are amazing. For example, here is one letter in its entirety:. Thanks for telling us about the problem. It is overqualfied genius idea that is beautifully executed. You talk about your childhood and your sexual fantasies. It’s a wonderful concept that should have been explored more, at least in my opinion. He is a comedian, and a mad philosopher, and there probably has never been anyone like him before.


How to tell a story that feels new and not crippled by its own narrative conventions? It felt like a diary or reading a pile of love letters Thank you for taking the time to review my resume. The resulting novel is promising, funny, sad, and moving, and yet, ultimately disappointing. I’m glad I bought “Overqualified”.

I laughed and cried while reading this book. Though each letter is its own coherent rant, the shrapnel of stories are embedded within each. Joey Comeau is one of my favorite authors, especially when it comes to biting, perverted, meandering prose.

joey comeau overqualified

Jul 28, Melina Martin rated it it was amazing. Or if somebody else is me? You tell impolite jokes.