Currently, the data on the origin and evolution of this type of reproduction, as well as on genes expression during blastogenesis and transverse division fission are available [ 4 — 11 ]. In other echinoderms, this function must be performed by other molecules such as TIMPs. For example, the body wall in many of holothurians consists of several layers of connective tissue, every of which has a different density and amount of collagen [ 22 , 23 , , ]. Currently, three proteins close to tensilin of C. Trotter JA Echinoderm collagenous tissues: Almost all the tensilins, including the tensilins of C. Identification of substrates as a key to physiological function and physiopathological relevance.

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It ,mp2 possible that the fibrillin microfibril scaffold, like that of vertebrates, forms a niche for regulatory factors and mechanosensation. Recently, it has been shown that fibrillin microfibrils play an important role in functioning of ECM [ ].

The expression of these genes is probably related to the rearrangement and restoration of the connective-tissue structures at the mpm2 of fission: Signaling pathways As is known, the site of constriction formed in case of asexual reproduction in holothurians is a species-specific trait [ 16], and, obviously, should be marked by products of certain genes.

J Exp Mar Biol Ecol We have recently found that the holothurian Cladolabes schmeltzii shows the zpades of transverse division [ 5859 ]. Kawamura K, Fujiwara S Transdifferentiation of pigmented multipotent epithelium during morphallactic development of budding tunicates. We found products of 10 out of the 12 wnts typical of holothurians [ ]— wntAwntwnt10wnt16 S1 Table.


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The functions of tensilins, as well as echinoderm TIMPs, can only be judged from their structure. Synthesis and normalization of cDNA, construction of libraries, library quality control and sequencing were carried out by Evrogen JSC.

Genet Mol Res For example, the body wall in many of sades consists of several layers of connective tissue, every of which has a different density and amount of collagen [ 2223, ]. The only exception is 5 proteins: Both in dividing and in intact individuals of C. Our data can serve a basis for the further study of the mechanisms of extracellular matrix mutability, as well as the mechanisms responsible for asexual reproduction in echinoderms.

j spades mmp2

Tensilins, being TIMP, apparently represent a separate group of genes, which have formed within the class Holothuroidea and which probably have a specific function, typical only of holothurians. They encode proteins consisting of the propeptide domain and catalytic domain Fig 3. Proteoglycans and a number of other protein complexes are supposed to participate in changing the MCT properties [ 56 ].

Shivdasani RA Molecular regulation of vertebrate early endoderm development.

Moreover, the presence of transcripts of genes involved in regulation of morphogenesis of various tissues and organs may indicate that the preparation of tissues for the subsequent regeneration in holothurian begins immediately during fission.

In this regard, MMPs of U. In u cases, the body wall with the constituent structures coelomic epithelium of interradii and ambulacra consisting of the radial nerve cord, water-vascular canal, and longitudinal muscle bandand intestinal mesentery were sampled Fig 1B.


j spades mmp2

When sequencing the sample of dividing animals, we obtained a total of Three individuals without signs of division or regeneration were used as the control. Collagens The total number of types of collagens found in C. Unlike the studies of embryonic development and regeneration, which are considered in a large number of publications, the ones of mechanisms of asexual reproduction in animals are scarce.

j spades mmp2

Epades to Keene, Trotter unpubl. Cathepsins B and L are lysosomal proteases localized in cells. Erlinger R, Welsch U, Scott JE Ultrastructural and biochemical observations on proteoglycans and collagen in the mutable connective tissue of the feather star Antedon bifida Echinodermata, Crinoidea.

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For music submissions, please email music thebeat Data on the structure and regulation of expression of protease genes in echinoderms are not available, and, thus, we can only suppose the possible ways of their activation.

Their molecule consists of only a few FN3 domains. The sequences were filtered by the minimum alignment length of amino acids and verified by the NCBI NR protein database. Conand C Asexual reproduction by fission in Holothuria atra: They are supposed to participate in mechanisms of MCT mutability.