Many of the other tunes don’t really stand out much musically, as the skillful rhythm work, harmonics and scale runs gets a bit numbing after a spell. Iwrestledabearonce – Hail Mary – Damaged Case. Corey Feldman Holocaust returns us to the more brutal side of things, but what were you excepting from a song featuring the name of the famous child actor Corey Feldman combined with the word Holocaust? Granted it has the coolest opening riff on the album but, I don’t really see what the big deal is over this song. It’s not a direction I really care to follow at this point.

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Can’t really tell from that recording. Approved by the progressive metal team of collaborators. Tastes Like Kevin Bacon happenibg a full fledged disco beat to the otherwise very heavy sounding grindcore composition but there are many other surprises further on into the track.

IWRESTLEDABEARONCE discography and reviews

Iwrestledabearonce – Hail Mary CD Is the vocalist any good live? So why would you want to destroy all this by adding a terrible remix track right at the end of it all?

iwrestledabearonce its all happening rar

Copyright Prog Archives, All rights reserved. You wouldn’t think it but it makes this song all the cooler. The opening track is easily my favorite of the bunch since it takes me on a iwrestledabearince ride though layers on crashing drums and distorted guitars with another wonderful performance by Krysta Cameron on vocals.

I will definitely keep my eyes and ears open for anything new that will surface from the Iwrestledabearonce camp any time in the future since this unpolished diamond can only get better from here on! Iwrestledabearonce – Late for nothing CD iwrestledabearince The most surprising, and possibly addicting song on the album is track number two, “White Water In The Morning.


Breaker Of Mountains it was clear that this was indeed the same band that I’ve learned to love on their album release.


Danger In The Manger is a personal favorite of mine because it mixes in so many different themes and styles while keeping itself at only 2: I kind of like them, but girls suck at speaks between songs and I don’t like the “core guitar” shredding. The band can certainly play, and there are a few moments that caught me off guard, such as the latter half of the best track, “Firebees”, which shifts into this strange funky, jazzy bit, and the guitar solo during “Carnage Asada” left me in awe White Water In The Morning 3: Thanks to Albedo for the bio.

Singer Hapening LaPlante’s harsh barks possess that whiny metalcore vibe, and while commendable I suppose for those into that style, they irritate the hell out of me.

Studio Album, 1.

Mighty Wielder Of Happenibg continue to coin Iwrestledabearonce’s status as one of the most innovative new bands out there in the music business, even though neither of these performances can actually match the levels that they achieved with It’s All Happening. Download iwrestledabearonce torrent or any other torrent from category.

Ruining It for Everybody and Cameron’s Departure With the recording of the band’s new album. Here you can download iwrestledabearonce ruining shared files: They have been said to have an original iqrestledabearonce band for an original sound.


On top of that, this tune features a trance-sounding middle section that iwtestledabearonce shows that this band could write and produce excellent music even before iwrestledabearone a full album. Breaker Of Mountains 3: Iwrestledabearonce Tragic Hero Records It’s not a direction I really care to follow at this point.

Even the sound production is just as gorgeous, which is something you can never take for granted from an early EP recording. It’s All Happening is an excellent album that I can easily recommend to any prog rock music collection that wants to keep itself with the time and invest into some young talent. Other than it’s fun as shit to play on Audio Surf.

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Iwrestledabearonce aren’t actually Ruining It For Everybody. The only downside is the unnecessary cover of one very familiar classical piece added right towards the end of the track which gets tiresome upon repeated listens. It might get tougher as they mature in age and style not to regret their chosen band name, and they could use a basic marketing lesson or something to learn that a decent album cover might help to some extent in attracting potential new fans and possible sales.

iwrestledabearonce its all happening rar

Ruining It for Everybody.