Did it to me last year too. It just didn’t work. Access the bank accounts you already have when and where you want them! We have done or tried 6 people on this app with the same responds I am claiming this is a scam app so they can get your numbers. The app and online site never once updated in the 3 months and 6 days we had to wait for our refund. Your payment is just a click away!

irs2go app iphone

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You can check your credit score and read your ir2sgo report for free within minutes by joining MoneyTips. Iphonr an easy way to save money for the future? The mobile app, among a handful in the federal government, offers a number of safe and secure ways to help taxpayers.

We did get a little bit of interest since the funds were held for so long though. If you just want to check the status of your tax return and have no refund due, this app will not work and you will be left to call, wait on hold forever and receive the same lousy customer support the IRS is famous for.

Track Your Tax Refund With the IRS2Go App

I keep trying it. Trying to track a refund from that had to be filed on paper. Best Credit Card Manager Apps Managing your credit card on the go can be a challenge, so check out these great credit card apps, and stay on top of your spending!


I try again this year and I get the exact same error message lol this app is a joke. When you get to, usually you get boned and you get the line, there is no further information or there is nothing we can do for you. What am I doing wrong please help.

irs2go app iphone

These great tools will let you know the moment prices change, so you’ll always get the best deal! Direct pay feature just directs you back to the irs website, but the website is down, which is the reason i even downloaded the app in the first place!

irs2go app iphone

ipohne Need to send money around the world? Where is any kind of tax info available? Finance Jul 26, 4 min read. Get all the latest financial news and tools to help you invest your money in one place! Did you know that the IRS has a free smartphone app to help taxpayers handle basic tax-related functions?

IRS2Go 101

Check it keeps telling iphhone the info does not match I confirmed it many times it is exactly whats on my return so no reason to fail. With so many numbers and terms, knowing how much a loan will cost can be tricky. So check out these apps with loan interest calculators, so you can get the right loan!


Finance Aug 25, 4 min read. It does not work for me.

I tried this app 24 hours after submitting info and it shows accepted. These great apps can help! School Is In Session! My daughter tried it on her iPad and it didn’t work for iphon information nor mine. Still waiting on my refund and they are horrible at giving information.

You received my tax iphkne March 7 and I have still not received it and it still says processing. Log in Continue with Google.

The IRS IRS2Go App for iPhone, Android – Waltman Accounting

Way more information then I expected. Oh well guess I will never know. Buying a Car Without a Man! Always be the first to know about bitcoin market trends! The appp you have posted is not worth while, because I already know it was accepted and that you’re working on it, big deal.