Aparte de eso funciona bastante bien y nos permite incluso cargar mas caracteres y fondos para liarnos a tortazos, por desgracia el sonido no funciona por ahora. I’ve converted 32 already, and I’m about to fire it up. Thank you SofiyaCat for making another homebrew dream come true!! How to add Mugen characters on your PSP? I just don’t have time to google for hours to get the source code.

infcat mugen psp

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InfinityCat Mugen on PSP Go? –

D could i have the download link for Shin Akuma from Street Fighter 3 please. I say it because kung-fu man, the char included in the release works ok, no weird glitches like infinite hits.

infcat mugen psp

Well this is great news!. In the ” C: It’s not up at the InfinityCat Wiki Site http: Leda which runs 1. Creo ke lo ke buscas lo puedes encontrar aki: I know this is a dumb question but is psp powerful enough to run the cps3 emulator?


You can be even more worshipped by me for this xD. It was a throwback for me of playing Colony Wars. Whenever I try to mugeb them myself, they don’t work. I don’t have my muven with me to test this out, but it seems to look exactly the same as M. When you open the ” select.

Reformatted for news post This is great news: Pluse i just bought a 4gb ms. I’d Like to Email some of my characters to someone to convert I have all the characters. Same here, log attached I really want to play Mugen on ppsspp. However unlikely that is Download and give feedback. Leete las normas de la comunidad porfavor. Hey 10shu, those screenshots look great. Psp but i dont think it realy matters when it starts it takes a while but id like to know how to add charachters to opne mugen unfortunatly infinity cat or pinkywho dont work i mean can you run openmugen on ppsspp and if yes with what settings???


You take the file.

InfCat M.U.G.E.N. on PSP 1000

I have a psp phat 3. This looks really cool D oh, any sounds yet??!?!?!?!?! Make a copy of this file in case you mess it up 9. Anybody have a ready made Eboot with a bevy of imported characters, stages and such?

Threaded Mode Linear Mode. Is not a fake.

infcat mugen psp

How well does this game work? Could it run at playable speed from just a port?

How to Install PSP Infcat on Mugen for PSP « PSP :: WonderHowTo

I want to check it but i’m at work. Infinity cat and Pinkwho thanks for good tips. PSP Slim doesn’t have 1.