The history of human civilization is synonymous with the struggle for attaining higher productivity. Value Productivity of Taxes It revealed that the Tax Department of Bangladesh had not only reformed its activities but also introduced many new policies to increase the number of new taxpayers as well as taxes and government revenues. However, it was again re-established on 1 December Review of the key concepts It is necessary to delineate the working deinitions presented in the LSE study here.

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This analysis will also be useful to see the extent to which effectiveness and eficiency of various policies that had been enacted.

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In the same vein, to ihykk extent that countries, as a group, move in the direction of comprehensively conducting such direct measurements, cross-national research into economic activity and performance should only grow more robust and insightful.

In the below table, it is stated that different types of passports issued by the Passport and Immigration Authority in Bangladesh during the period from to The Decree served as a fundamental key in implementing the reform in Indonesia.

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Input and Output Data and Analysis In Table 9 the different types of passports issued by the Passport and Immigration Authority in Bangladesh during the period from to are shown. Further, throughout Asia the calls for more effective governance and better quality of public services both from the general public and the private sector have never been louder.

Technical eficiency indicators measure how well services use their resources inputs to produce outputs for the purpose of achieving desired outcomes. For the irst time, it uses the methodology recommended by Patrick Dunleavy and Leandro Carrera [4].

In conclusion, some key important aspects that contribute to improving the productivity in immigration ofices are improving business processes by installing IT, improving compe- tence of human resources by providing more chances to study further and participate in training, and foster innovation by creating activities for all employees.


Readers might feel the lack of critical analysis with some chapters, but it resulted from the data availability of the respective country.

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Valuable employees in the government should be optimized and human resources should be studied, with operational techniques and legal software used to accomplish this. For example, the share of agriculture and services sectors, which contribute For that reason, this study underlines that there is no other choice including to merely reach natural growthbut to make extra effort particularly in control and law enforcement, which can be done through the support of granting wider autonomy to tax administration authorities.

The following are the criteria of personnel within the DGT: Department of Passport and Immigration Report, In the case of wholesalers and retailers, there is a special provision for a 1. This modernization for all tax ofices had been successfully implemented in It also includes innovation-led gains that increase the quality and performance of products and services. For instance, some TGOs located in Tehran are liable to assess and collect certain tax categories.

This relatively low rate of public sector productivity growth is due to both the nature of the services which tend to be labour intensive with less scope for technological advances and the operating environment one without competitive market pressures [9].

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This resulted from increasing automation of its frontline and backroom operations. Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine. It again luctuated in —, and from it shows an increasing upwards trend until The Safavid dynasty — brought additional levels of revenue with the taxation of foreign trade and customs tax.


Nhn nt Truy vn s thu PN: It can also be downloaded from the website of the Ministry of Home Affairs and the Department of Immigration and Passports.

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Directorate of Business 2.28. Transformation To formulate and to implement policies and technical standardization in business process transformation. Then, Article stated that the Directorate General of Immigration has the task to formulate and implement policies and technical standardization in the ield of immigration. While reforms recently implemented by APO members vary in depth, scope and level of success, administrations are often united by the similarity of issues faced and goals pursued, as relected in the speciic policies, institutional reforms, and technologies implemented in order to promote greater governmental accountability.

Five functional members are responsible for Inland Revenue policy, taxpayer audits, legal issues, facilitation, and taxpayer education and enforcement, respectively.

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The Bangladesh Public Service Commission plays a vital role in recruitment, promotion, discipline, posting, and transfer of government servants. System creativity in terms of giving services to people had no place. I hope that the contents of this volume will contribute to the ongoing discussion on governance, public management, and public-sector productivity in member economies and elsewhere.

The Asian Productivity Organization APO has focused on public-sector productivity growth and its measurement in recent years. Some key elements in this process include: It will take the nation a step forward on the way to a digital Bangladesh. In those days, there was no Majlis or Parliament.