More from the charts: Sunday 8 September Who want a keepsake, memento or souvenir. In any ordinary circumstances anyone but J-Wonn , I wouldn’t listen to it. Should please old fans and gain new. Sunday 9 June

i got this record jwonn mp3

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Wednesday 21 August No, this is simply a song from the heart, like “I Got This Record. Thus 17 May One of the things that made the lyrics to “I Got This Record” so incredible was their very transparency.

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Nice’s hot new single from J-Wonn’s debut album for August ‘ One Day Left CD: Monday 1 April Marvin Sease drove his female audiences to heights of passion, but their catcalls and tecord cheers were hardy, wild and comedic. All material–written or visual–on this website is copyrighted and the exclusive property of SouthernSoulRnB.


See J’Wonn’s other nominations in Daddy B.

Thursday 1 August The fact that it has not done so yet only makes the steam in the pressure cooker that is southern soul all the more intense. Best of Top Countdown: J-Wonn has stated he recorded the song in one take. Monday 17 June It doesn’t appear to be a conscious attempt to record a gospel song, which would have added jdonn layer of artifice, however transparent.

i got this record jwonn mp3

The best thing about this prayer-slash-meditation? Monday 5 August Thursday 26 September The jqonn call of impressive new performers in Southern Soul since the turn of the century is replete with head-turning talent, but the seldom-used word “genius” may be the only encomium worthy of J-Wonn, who with this exceptionally accomplished debut CD takes his place in the top rank of contemporary southern soul singers.

i got this record jwonn mp3

Johnnie Taylor was the marquee heart-throb of his day, but the women screaming their appreciation were more mature, experienced and knowing. Saturday 8 June Sunday 4 August Saturday 28 September Thursday 5 September Sunday 25 August Saturday 4 May Music this good will not pass without its eventual triumph.


Excuse me while I wipe away a tear. How can you criticize a young artist for singing about young topics infatuation with a new lover? Tuesday 11 June Saturday 6 July Saturday 10 August Inwith the tremendous influx of new young performers preceding J-Wonn over the last decade, those concerns seem wildly alarmist. Wednesday 7 August Nice’s 22 ranked Southern Soul J.