The server you use to browse to HP P Command View on the managment module can be any server running any operating system and meets the browser requirements listed in Table 5. Downgrading to a controller software version not listed in this table may require an array initialization. An inactive version has limited Engineering support. A blank cell indicates replication between the controller software versions is not supported. Array initialization causes data loss or requires a restore.

hp storageworks command view eva 9.4

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hp storageworks command view eva 9.4

Valid license from HP required for possession, use or copying. Note that demand-allocated and fully-allocated snapshots consume mapping capacity equal to the size of the source virtual disk. Can coexist on the same platform with HP Command View 8. HP always recommends upgrading to the latest version supported for your array model. HP P Command View and HP P Replication Solutions Manager are supported on any server including blade servers as long as the server meets the minimum configuration requirements for a general purpose server as noted above.

Although XCS is not supported with management module software version Array initialization causes data loss or requires a restore. You must remove the previous version first and then install the new version. VMFS volume replicas can also be presented to and mounted on compatible Windows guest operating systems running on compatible ESX servers.


No HBA information will be reported by the host agent in the Windows guest operating system. Because the cell at the intersection of these two searches contains a bullet? An inactive version has limited Engineering support. Consistent with FAR The information contained herein is subject to change without notice.

You can only upgrade one controller software family either VCS or XCS at a time and only allow two versions within that family. SP1 is no longer supported. Controller software Management module software1 x00 x x ?

For supported upgrade paths, a reboot may occur automatically during the upgrade. Check each DR group to verify this setting, before proceeding with the firmware upgrade process.

hp storageworks command view eva 9.4

Contact HP for recommendations and procedures for downgrading. All other applications require a separate server. For information about enclosure capacity, see the QuickSpecs for the applicable array model.

HP StorageWorks Command View EVA Software Suite vs. Array Based Management with Command View / ABM

If an operating system is supported with a particular P EVA model and controller software version, then HP P Continuous Access is supported with that operating system. Supported with Windows Standard and Enterprise R2 x86 and x64 and Storageeorks Standard and Enterprise R2 x86 and x64 as a guest operating system.

Asynchronous replication in XCS 6. For additional language support, see Table 4.

How vieew use this document — — — — — bullet? Browser Firefox Internet Explorer 1 4. A blank cell indicates an upgrade is not supported.


HP P Enterprise Virtual Array Compatibility Reference_图文_百度文库

Vraid1 requires XCS or later. All operations are supported only on Raw Device Mapped LUNs configured with physical compatibility mode and replicas can also be presented to and mounted on physical hosts running a compatible Windows operating system.

As the number of arrays and objects on the arrays increases, HP recommends that the management server be upgraded to a higher-end machine.

The operations allowed on virtual disks or snapshots that are 2 TB or greater are create, present, delete, extend, storagewodks shrink virtual disks; create and delete snapshots; and create, delete, and attach empty containers.

Unzone source x, map destination x, re-present x. For example, in HP P Replication Solutions Manager, if you try storageaorks create a container on an array that does not support containers, the New Container action will not work.

If the operating system supports Boot from SAN, replication of the boot disk is supported. Use this table Table 1.