Because it uses B-trees to index table objects, HDF5 works well for time series data such as stock price series, network monitoring data, and 3D meteorological data. One HDF file can hold a mix of related objects which can be accessed as a group or as individual objects. You can download this file from here. A string specifying an object “HDF5: To convert the example HDF4 file, run the converter as shown in Figure 8. Input file size is , It also maps values between and to the same value as the original value.


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The above command will install the H4CF conversion library and the conversion hdv4. You can only use one of the mutually exclusive parameters in a call to hdfreadand you cannot use these parameters in combination with any optional parameter. Based on your location, we recommend that you select: Retrieve info about the example file, example.

HDF4 Files – MATLAB & Simulink

For example, run the following command on the sample MOD17A2. In this case, one may use the following command as shown in Figure 2. For example, the ‘Index’ parameter requires three values: The HDF4 format has many limitations.

To convert the example HDF4 file, run the converter as shown in Figure 8. In keeping with this goal, the HDF libraries and associated tools are available under a liberal, BSD-like license for general use.


HDF4 Files

Finally, Panoply will display the correct unit information excluding fill values as shown in Figure If dimension is a dimension name, then range specifies the range of elements to extract. The complete reference manual for the APIs is also available.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The directory has several subdirectories with sample application codes hsf4 data files.

The bulk of the data goes into straightforward arrays the table objects that can be accessed much more quickly than the rows of an SQL database, but B-tree access is available for non-array data.

Input file size is We provide a method to set up the build environment using a configure script, which is maintained by the autoconf system. Retrieved 15 July C libraries Computer file formats Earth sciences data formats Meteorological data and networks. Because it uses B-trees to index hdff4 objects, HDF5 works well for time series data such as stock price series, network monitoring data, and 3D meteorological data.

See also the demo section for the comprehensive examples. Please note that Vdata attributes are mapped to file attributes while Vdata field attributes are mapped as variable attributes. However, we encourage you to choose NetCDF-4 classic conversion because the NetCDF-3 file format does not support unsigned integer bit types and may cause overflow error during the conversion.



If dimension is a hdc4 name, then range specifies the range of values to extract. To determine the name of a data set in an HDF4 file, use the hdfinfo function. Webarchive template wayback links Wikipedia articles needing clarification from November All articles with unsourced statements Hdr4 with unsourced statements from November All articles needing examples Articles needing examples from November Parameter Description Required Parameters ‘Fields’ Character vector or string scalar containing the name of the data set field to be read.

The following build instruction assumes that all downloaded packages are unpacked with tar zxvf package.

The usage of the tool is quite simple with one required command line argument as shown in Figure 4. Parameter Description Required Parameter ‘Fields’ Character vector or string scalar specifying the field to be ydf4.

Hierarchical Data Format

This results in a truly hierarchical, filesystem-like data format. Additionally, we wrote a dumper program. Supporting many different interface styles images, tables, arrays leads to a complex API.


The values must not exceed the size of any dimension of the data set.