Published Aug 23, All our manuals and FAQ: The Relative Layout could possibly work if I use the frame outer edges as reference. David Galaska This is master control, And I am not amused. Required log out and re log in to continue with conversation. They do not show the right TX info, but do show the right RX info.

hamsphere for android

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Elements that overlap will be displayed overlapping. Multipath propagation is achieved by inducing adroid simulated electromagnetic paths digitally thus producing signal fading and audio distortion.

You can edit any number of QSL card templates that can be used to send auto filled in cards. You can also send private messages to other operators.

HamSphere on Android embryo Published Feb 18, I’m very new to Hamsphere and to this site hello everyone. And that to me is what Amateur Radio is hwmsphere about. I am currently developing the HamSphere application for Android. Signals are bounced off a virtual Ionosphere and reflected hamsphefe distant parts of the world. What Layout to choose for HamSphere?

TableLayout TableLayout organizes content into rows and columns. Yes there are unlicensed personnel using the system. Support for EMUI 5.

Fixed some “App Not Responding” issues. Try it free for 5 days and if it is not for you But there is apparently a firmware update for the Galaxy SII around the corner.


HamSphere on Android BETA #1 Feedback:

In general it is similar to other VoIP applications such as Skypebut with the unique addition of characteristics such as channel selection by tuning, modulation, noise effects and shortwave propagation simulation. Why should I need a mic if just want to CW or listen to it?

One of the most positive aspects with the system, anyone with broadband coverage, can access the system that has a restrictive living environment, whether it is no antennas, or living in a nursing home. Basically I set up a worker thread that does the calculations and in that same thread I invoke the onDraw call.

No weather worries, no propagation problems, no sun spots; just plain turn it on and begin chatting with other Hams around hamspheer globe, something my HF antennas will not let me do. So, relax and enjoy yet one more option hamspherr our wonderful hobby. Then when CW was dropped as a licensing requirement, the same bunch hollered. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. I could be spending it on real equipment.

hamsphere for android

Just upload a picture, drag and drop the fields and your QSL template is ready to use. I have met so many great people on HS4 and will continue to use the app.


Then I could not get a clear station, a andgoid of static. I have started using it, and maybe my thoughts will change in a year, but for now I will give the wheels of progress a try.

hamsphere for android

Operators using HamSphere will get the look and feel of a real Ham Radio shortwave Transceiver and the system is suitable for both licensed Ham Radio operators as well as radio enthusiasts. Again, the Interface Adapter just stuck without a message. Before using the system it is necessary for a radio amateur’s call sign to be validated.

I can find some “communications” on different frequencies but I dont know if they are real people out there in real time.

HamSphere Free Download

Support tickets were unanswered with other androdi an acknowledgement that it was received. And you can take it anywhere! Great app if your into 11 meter and ham radio dxing. Like a wrecked old car, it appears the new modeling for this junker is to keep pouring money into new “equipment” to be able to hear all users.

hamsphere for android