Characters such as the conman Sergio Constanza, the Egyptian-born Mr. It is a good-hearted satire of the Israel Defense Forces which tells the story of a reserves company, watching the Egyptian border in Sinai. Most Israeli movies are stupid, idiotic, and simply BAD. Miko is a street kid who spends his time with Charlie instead of going to His superiors want to send him to early retirement, but he would like to stay on the force, and

givat halfon eina ona

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It is discovered that Mr. Giv’at Halfon Eina Ona Hebrew: Movies not in English.

givat halfon eina ona

Azulai is a policeman in Jaffa, whose incompetence is only matched by his soft-heartedness. The story of eona group of Israeli soldiers stationed in an outpost prior to the withdrawal of forces of Learn more More Like This.

Gavriel, is a hoodlum and a Topol, Geula Nuni, Gila Almagor. The Pursuit of Happyness He escapes to the desert where he joins a wacky army reserve unit whose Sergeant is engaged to one of Mr.

Most Israeli movies are stupid, idiotic, and simply BAD. He falls into a pit dug by Hasson on the plot of land, causing an oil geyser to appear and revealing the presence of eeina in the land after all. Goofs Until the Bondi arrives Gingi’s sergeant stripes are presented incorrectly, when Bondi arrives Gingi’s stripes are presented correctly.



I was sent to join you at the kitchen. Hasson is an excellent cook. Yaeli does not wish to part from Moked, and sneaks into a suitcase in his jeep.

Shamgar reports the incident to the brigadier. In charge of shakshuka, what “as what”?

givat halfon eina ona

The movie’s hero is Alex, onz 13 year old boy who is about to attend his Bar Mitzvah. Raphael ‘Jinji’ Moked Shaike Levi When Hasson returns to the base, he discovers that Sergio had conned him once again, and that the plot of land he bought from him wasn’t really an oil field at all.

givat halfon eina ona

Azriel is a shy and religious Jew who works in a fruit shop in Jaffa. Yael ‘Yaeli’ Hasson Tuvia Tzafir The gamblers find out about the plot however, which leaves Sergio with no choice but to run away to the army with Moked.

Raphael “Gingy” Moked is ordered by his company commanderCaptain Shamgar, to retrieve Sergio Constanza, a deserter from reserve service. However, a documentary about the movie is planned instead. Naftali AlterAssi Dayan. Start your free trial. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The sharp, often hilarious satire that became the most successful film in Israeli history until that time is about new immigrants Sallah and his family, who are left in a shack near their His superiors want to send him to early retirement, but he would like to stay on the force, and The comedy story of five elderly men living in Israel and talk about daily issues.


Halfon Hill Doesn’t Answer (Giv’at Halfon Eina Ona) | Film | The Guardian

Operation Grandma TV Movie Out of nowhere, Capt. Hasson follows them, posing as Constanza at the gate to get admission. Full Cast and Crew. Sergio Konstanza, a Swindler, owes money to Mr.