Why do I have to select cdrdao for burning with QPxTool settings? Please login or register. May 13, Messages: I think it would work, but a better bootloader would have to be made. It works at 1. As long as the drive is a quality drive, the disc will work.


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Chriso February 14,9: AZImmortal February 14,9: On a DVD you can: Log in or Sign up.

Plextor squeezes 40% more from CDs with GigaRec –

It’d be interesting if someone with a plextor drive could try. If anyone wants to attribute to helping me turn a gd to a iso image not a cdi for utopia to use that is around mb so I can minimumly downsample, that would be much obliged.

It would work for Utopia, but it has a limitation that it will not load discs with more than a certain size. This one is not so good.

Mayoz February 14, I thought Gigarec discs could be read in some other drives. Compression is achieved by burning smaller-than-normal pits or holes into the surface of a blank disc — up to 40 percent smaller, thus allowing it to pack in 40 percent more data, according to enthusiast sites.


Seeing that 99 min media is somewhat unreliable and ive had no success with adjusting the pot, I have a old cheap plextor capable of gigarec and wanted to see other people’s success rates.

gigare However, this is not yet automaticall. Your name or email address: What can I measure with QPxTool? So you’ve got an effective min02sec of data on the disc.

any success story with gigarec for dreamcast? | ASSEMbler – Home of the obscure

Good thing these drives are cheap nowadays just in case the 99 min disc is not an option and the gdemu is gonna be really hard to get. Problem is Utopia doesn’t boot disc over min so it is not possible till a new boot disc that accepts a higher TOC and till then it can not be used to play all games unaltered.

Here is a very interesting link: I’ll experiment with a few gd’s to see if I can get one working. That’s a very interesting post – I wouldn’t ever know this Gigarec technology if gigareec haven’t mentioned. Plus I’ve heard of problems with the more recent shipments of the dx.


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On a CD you can: Jun 25, Messages: Airhead February 14,9: The fewer errors there are, the lower the highest error value is and the more evenly the errors are distributed, the better is the result.

Mayoz February 14,9: This forum to close in 30 days.


A few isolated PIF spikes higher than gigarecc are usually no problem and can be ignored, however, good PIE results do not even come close to A first quality measurement on a CD. How to create an AutoStrategy Database entry? No, create an account now. Did you miss your activation email? They will feature 52 times read and write-once speeds, and a 32 times speed for rewritable media. Plextor has a special mode called gigarec. giagrec