Retrieved from ” https: September edited September In the files created by GM, there is very little plain text data at the start, the binary data starts at about offset 2A. Discussions Categories Activity Best Of This page was last edited on 16 March , at

falconview 4.1.1

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RouteScout: Digital Products – FalconView/TalonView Software

I will take a look and see what is going on, it probably is just a negative number issue as you said. Unlike most other DoD developed applications, the FalconView development team was given very general requirements by the ANG which were fleshed out into a product by the development team and mission planners who used the software for their daily activities. Development and improvement of FalconView features is still strongly driven by its user community.

The interface sure seems screwy and unnecessarily difficult to load maps, is there some functionality in FalconView that other software doesn’t have that causes people to use it?

falconview 4.1.1

Do you have a sample frame file that FVW does like that I can compare with and see what is has that the GM files are missing? Archived from the original on WindowsiOSAndroidLinux. I may have to pull down the FalconView source code to to try and figure out what the heck they are not liking about the frame files.


falconview 4.1.1

The initial versions of 4.1.11 were simply a set of routines to display scanned raster maps such as CADRG compressed arc digital raster graphics with faldonview stick routes drawn on top, but the easy to use software was popular with the end users and more functionality was added. This boundary rectangle table doesn’t appear as text in the file exported from GM. Ok I think I may have this working. Mike, tried again with the new build.

CADRG export for southern hemisphere – Global Mapper Forum

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. This page was last edited on 16 Marchat December edited December Discussions Categories Activity Best Of Georgia Institute of Technology. I also updated the zone name in the folder to use the zone letter like Aeven though the standard doesn’t seem to say anything about naming the folders for each zone.

I’ll add that to the start of the frame files Global Mapper can read with or without them and see if FVW can handle them fapconview. Thanks, Mike Global Mapper Guru gmsupport bluemarblegeo.

FalconView Open Source Inspired Features

The data definition is at PrfFileFormat? The code that reads and writes these files in FalconView is here.

I have attached the metadata from all three files. September edited September If you are using dalconview bit v14 version there is a new build at http: If this still doesn’t work there is one more thing I might try before I have to go to the FalconView community for help.


Downloading and will test today or tomorrow. September edited December in Technical Support.

The program has an active user community, and the Georgia Tech Research Institute plans events supporting the program. It now creates the frames in same location as the original with correct names, however the new frames don’t display in FVW. Might it be a negative number rounding problem? Georgia Tech posted the first alpha version of FalconView as open source in June Is there anyway to load fxlconview shape files with the settings from the prf file?

As the program matured, United States Special Operations Command adopted PFPS and added capabilities such as the Moving Map functionality ability to have the map scroll and rotate based on the position information received from a connected GPS navigation device and helicopter support.

It was a bit soft compared to original but I haven’t experimented with the export settings, just wanted to make sure it would view. Thank you very much 4.1.1.

falconview 4.1.1