Alright, after some testing, it seems that for whatever reason, the chopping block won’t trigger PlayerDestroyItemEvent, either. By DeFYzz Started 2 hours ago. Aswell as the Faithful 32×32 texture pack this happens with the Shax x texture pack. ChiTown03 , Mar 8, Share This Page Tweet. Your welcome for the textures!!!!!!!!!!! Change for round sun and moon.

faithful 32 pack 1.2.5

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faithful 32 pack 1.2.5

Yes, my password is: This topic is now closed to further replies. Posted August 7, RemikzfullyMar 9, Pixel Perfection is a texture pack with low resolution with incredible high quality parts.

Tekkit Classic Texture Pack

Go To Topic Listing. This texture pafk has long existed in the PC version of Minecraft, fsithful today You will be able to download it for Minecraft Pocket Edition. Here are the beta resurspaka, so some blocks, items and resources still have no textures and not quite appropriate for the style. ItemRendererHD is optifine’s code. Do you already have an account? The event is fired inside the code that handles mining blocks and right-clicking blocks. If so, then PE Faithful texture pack is the perfect solution.


Radiant Pixels is a texture pack with vibrant colors which will surely make the game world look more beautiful and more joyful. Discussion in ‘ Texture packs ‘ started by smenesMar 7, Add oil for Buildcraft and cobble for railcraftadd TE stuff, some fixadd tools for TinkersConstruct, add ProjectRedfirst release for 1.

Mine Wars – give Your familiar world of Minecraft the most authentic atmosphere of the popular movie “Star wars”. Which is odd, because looking at Pyrotech’s code, it seems to use stack.

Faithful PE [64×64] [1. I have a problem with certain items appearing flat in hand when using an alternate texture pack. Also, try looking for SecretRooms. All great for the medieval theme. I also love you for this! Share this post Link to post Share on other sites.

32x – Faithful 32×32 Pack | Feed the Beast

Np, I also made All the applied energistic textures besides the Gui’s. No, create an account now. Posted August 2, Even mobs will become unusual appearance and become like the evil stormtroopers and creepy Jawas.


faithful 32 pack 1.2.5

Try setting the locale by providing the following command line option to the JVM see screenshot below: You like the default textures in Minecraft but don’t like the double resolution? By ProspectPyxis Started 1 hour ago.

TheOnly1NLMar 10, Your welcome for the textures!!!!!!!!!!! I have also posted this on the Faithful topic on the minecraft forums. I’ve posted a working patch at http: By AstralSeyyah Started 8 hours ago.

Please note that the mod has been discontinued.