Das Programm errechnet die schnellsten Verfahrwege zwischen Bearbeitungspunkten. Results 1 to 9 of 9. Sind alle Teile eines Auftrages programmiert, muss aus diesem Datensatz der Maschinencode erzeugt werden. Die Programmierung der Zielmaschine wird von eluCad in vielerlei Hinsicht optimiert: Es gibt folgende eluCad-Module:. I made a mistake yesterday, I’m saving the. We transfer files by floppy disk the same as you.

elucad software

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New program versions are reactions to market requirements or customer requests.

This automatic elucar eliminates the need to enter the data by hand. I’m following a guide by someone who works for another local company and he even came up and had a go at getting it to work himself with no luck.

elucad software

Set up new tools simply New tools can be set up simply in eluCad. Even path optimisation eluccad to the strengths of eluCad: Weil das Programm umfangreiche Informationen wie z. The following eluCad modules are available:. There are many industries in which aluminium, plastic or steel profiles are processed — eluCad can be used in any of them.

The user simply enters the dimensions and angle of the desired notch in eluCad and the profile machining software automatically computes softwarf possibilities for creating the notch.

Aluminium profiles can have larger profile tolerances due to manufacturing constraints which can then also be influenced by temperature differences. So how elycad I make sure that a eluvad has the correct depth and is centred on the profile? By closing this banner, scrolling this page or clicking on any of its elements, you are consenting to the use of cookies. Maybe you could save the softwaree comission and then load that onto your machine, instead?


I am saving the files as 1. In the new version, eluCad now automatically computes the milling paths which are required in order to complete the full-surface removal for the specified free form. Die optimierende Programmiersoftware wird weltweit vertrieben, entsprechend gibt es eluCad in unterschiedlichen Sprachversionen.

I can sympathise with the problems you have in dealing with elumatec, their customer service leaves something to be desired and we only deal with them when we have to.

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This software elucadd to have a different file structure exclusive to itself. I was just wondering if the profile data that you’re reading off the disk is getting saved somewere else. Multiple-side machining, machining on pipes or angle parts — eluCad offers functional solutions for effective machining processes.

Enter and down to Gen.

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Sind all the parts for a job are programmed, the machine code must be generated from this dataset. They provide the required information for the exact positioning of machining operations. This website uses cookies.


Eluca the results of work counts, and on the way there much time can be saved with fewer tooling changes. If you are and the file isn’t showning up under 2.

Elucad/Elusoft Profile Databse Help

Originally Posted by Andersonjakem. Results 1 to 9 of 9. Intuitive operation, clear presentation.

After you Export the prf file to a floppy or over the network,you will need to go to the machine and go to floppy load data and load Gen. It is also possible to lease our products; the rental price is included in the software maintenance agreement.

It is this method that he uses to get it to work on his SBZ I think its a For these standard processes, the programme queries data such as length, width, diameter or immersion depth in transparent input fields.

elucad software

Free programmed contours, sofyware called free-forms, can also be laid out just as clearly. The software queries all the required parameters for their generation. I can export to acad r12 and get lines from curves.