Thread starter twiggy Start date Feb 22, Entangled Layer B Brk. Expo Black Ssi Black Italic. Eight Track program 4. OK, so now we draw in our first black box. Expo Ssi Bold Italic. Forums New posts Search forums.

egyptian505 bt font

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Embossing Tape 1 Brk. Finally, I also added a little layer style to the text with a faint Gradient Overlay as shown and a fobt Inner Glow with white.

Egyptian505 BT Roman font

At least those are the numbers I should have used. I hate Comic Sans naturally. Exposition Black Ssi Black Italic. Helvetica I have a hatred of: Egyptian Medium Bt. Follow on to the second part of this tutorial where we build our design into a working Web site over at this page! Egyptian Light Bt. Exposition Medium Ssi Medium Italic. Georgia is not quite as elegant, but is a standard font which means I can make these headings in plain old HTML instead of relying on images or Flash.

There are plenty of other awesome fonts you could use. Exposition Medium Ssi Medium. This sort of contrast between the two boxes is a great way of setting visual precedence between elements. Of course, there are plenty more things we could talk about like color and precedence, but I think the main design things you should be looking at here are the typography in conjunction with the background.


Although this is a homepage design, you could imagine an interior page would simply have a different heading panel and new content area. Forums New posts Search forums.

Download Free Font Egyptian BT

To do this grab a paint brush and paint in black to just remove the bottom parts. That way, some of the coloring passes through to create a nicer look. Now we can draw an additional big black box for the content area. Exotic Bold Bt. Next in two new layers, draw a couple of Radial Gradients from white to transparency, fobt larger than the other.

By having it faded out we tell the user that the less prominent one is to be looked at second.

egyptian505 bt font

This will make our box much fainter and give some depth to the two boxes, making one seem more important and imposing than the other. Just wondering what people think are the best and worst fonts i know egyptan505 sans and helvetica are going to be mentioned and awful lot. Eighty Percent Caps Outline. Futura, Frutiger and Helvetica in that order Our aim here is to b it fade to black on the right so that we can build our HTML later with greater ease.


With your rulers and guides still on, create a new layer and draw a Rectangular Marquee M going from one side to the other. Egyptian Bold Bt. Comic Sans does have its place Pistilli Roman thinking of getting ampersand tattooed on my arm its that niceGill Sans, Univers Worst: Forums Graphic Egytian505 Forums: This will give us a really cool border that will make the box look much sharper.

egyptian505 bt font

I have a hatred of: Then click on Stroke and add a 1px white stroke on the Outside and set to Overlay.