Sad, it’s a nice plugin too. Find More Posts by Nekomusume. Great combination, thanks guys. The search for the perfect winamp plugin has been found. Hard work deserves appreciation: But even with this high end audiphile equipment MP3 just didn’t have the warmth, and bass response that I wanted.

dsp enh dll

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Calkiem, Calkiem – Trzeba przyznac, ze niezla to rzecz. OK I’ll just begin: The treble is in contrast sharp and precise. It leaves the standard equilizer standing, and leaves DSP by Dee standing too! Best feeling ever – This is a plugin where I was to make myself believe to be listening a live band when I closed my eyes, with a subwoofer its a complete package.

The bass is beautifully DEEP with certain settings!

dsp enh dll

Now i can see what a sound blaster live 5. With Winamp,Enhancer and Simply surround you got the best sound you can get! This is a good one.

dsp enh dll

Probably not, but it works well, it’s simple and you can’t beat the price. Excellent for that extra richness – Brilliant. This is a must download! I am an extremely critical listener, and even with my studio reference monitors and professional studio headphones it is difficult to pick out distortion or other sound quality problems ejh this plug-in.


If It dug as deep as Bass as Dee2, than it’d be the only plugin i’d ever use. I downloaded it just now, and I’m convinced.

StereoTool (DSP based Multiband compressor/limiter/enhancer)

Satisfaction – this is the best darn plug-in! Also a few skins for it would not hurt. Great plugin – Makes a great improvement on the soundHas good presetsNice functions and just an all around fantastic plugin. The Best Of All Times!!!

Enhancer –

Hell, now everything is 4-day lame shareware. It doesn’t show in XP, but i don’t know what do you mean with minimize acting weird. Loudness effect is pretty nice. This release keeps up with the expectatives from the former version. Convinced – I xll Dee yesterday and thought it was good, but read some of its reviews that mentioned Enhancer being better.

Please help me find the drawbacks, I can’t find any. I’ve tried some of the other plugins here, but this one rocks!! Great – Works great on my puter! If you set it to normal, you’ll find that it does some very soft enhancements to the music.


I have been using this for years and i couldnt find a light weight and better plugin than this. It literally enhances all the listening pleasure you’ve only been able to dream of.

Enhancer DSP Compatibility Wrapper

Best DSP plugin I’ve ever tried. It’s great with Win 9x drivers.

It ruins certain effects of some songs. Oh, and just to make sure that the plugin really worked, Ssp kept testing it by turning it on and off, and, MAN, there really is a big difference!!! A modified copy of the help file for the plug-in can now be found here as shipped in the installer.

dsp enh dll

They had flashy slick skins and UI, but they sounded either distorted, too extreme no finesse in adjustmentor like someone had just discovered phase changing and reverb Good for a party – The ambience effect, and overall bass boost makes this plugin best for a party.