I could only get 85Hz at that resolution lol I had to drop this all the way down to to get perfect blacks. On the grid it is a total mess. The image quality is often better with CRT monitors – they were still used by graphic designers long after thinner LCD monitors were introduced. I simply created a driver with powerstrip Sorry, I just reread and understand what you need in order to work the magic with 7 and powerstrip. Due to recently being robbed I am looking to replace my monitor.

dell trinitron p1130 driver

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Dat” which will be used during the creation of the special driver.

Dell P1130 21″ CRT Max Resolution?

Jun 9, tginitron. Board index All times are UTC. I have seen calibration profiles of the Spyder2 and 3 where the dE of many colours was past 6 which is probably better than the default calibration of the display, but still After five or six more tries, it finally completed.

The only result of pushing higher resolutions will be shrinking images, but loss of fine detail at the same time as the pixels become less and less defined. The image quality is often better with CRT monitors – they were still used by graphic designers long after thinner LCD monitors were introduced.


I’d rather the image look good and be wrong than look trinigron and be correct.

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It wouldnt go any higher than what I have it set to. The only problem is the noise, and that’s where I’m hoping someone can help. If all you are trying to do is spam away or diss a particular operating system, then I suggest you find another forum to visit because you won’t last long here. I could only get 85Hz at that resolution lol Thank you for your interesting to p1130 problem.

And I hope to write correctly, I do not speak English fluently The time now is I take CRT’s to the recycle facility.

Discussion in ‘ Displays ‘ started by JeremyJun 8, Comodo virus scans have never turned anything much up. Users browsing this forum: I even edited the files in “. Might be worth trying to load up WinDAS again with the P and seeing how often the error comes unless you’re already certain that it’s different from the in terms of error rates.

Hi So, I can not edit the edid from the g gave The only way is to make a x64 driver containing the EDID of the display Now with two, I figured I should adjust both of the monitors the proper way.


dell trinitron p1130 driver

So this monitor is good as a temporary monitor? If your P is a Dell 21″ x 85Hzit won’t support wide-screen resolutions, but it will work well enough until you upgrade. The CRT should work fine.

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I was hoping to find out when I tried the IBM. The best resources were the two mega-threads at HardOCP hi spacediver!

dell trinitron p1130 driver

I have this or similar as my work monitor Dell 21 flat screen trinitron and while it supports higher resolutions it doesn’t really improve the resolved resolution. I have the procedure to create a driver, but I desperately need your help. What is the make and model of the CRT? WinDAS is quite powerful, and there’s a lot to do in the Adjustment menu.

From the Dell p113