Cus my fam is loccin we all do it bkut when i see another loc outside my fam i whistle and cuz dont even know the shit.. Pkxxdie grxxve fuk wit me if ya Hxxver Loading Stanley Tookie Williams Gangs and Security Threat Group Awareness. If the homies from 52 was about to go groove the 40sK then all the homies from the 43 to the one-way was gone play ball on the 40sK.

crips hoovers and bloods

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The Autobiography of an L. We out here inwreckless war at the end of the day everybody gone gang bkang in they own way. cripss

Pkxxdie grxxve fuk wit bkoods if ya Hxxver. The letters “CK”, which stand for “Crip killer”, will be avoided and substituted with a double “cc”, and the letter “b” will be replaced. Some sources suggest that the original name for the alliance, “Cribs”, was a name narrowed down from a list of many options, and chosen unanimously from three final choices, which included the Black Overlords, and the Assassins.

Hxxver fall under da gankgsta hooovers bkrand.

crips hoovers and bloods

Since then, other conflicts and feuds were started between many of the remaining sets of the Crips gang. Wiccked westside fucc the okther side H-blocc or face sHokt grxxvinkg til tHe wokrld stokpk mxvinkg. Homicide detectives found more than 50 shell cases on the ground.


crips hoovers and bloods

To create peace, each gang must broker agreements with its main bloids while building a critical mass of support within its own ranks. Fucc Hoochies 2x Rich R20llin… Loading Retrieved May 16, Cus my fam is loccin we all do it bkut when i see another loc outside my fam i whistle and cuz dont even know the shit.

crips hoovers and bloods

Hit me up niggaz Loading Donnie Ru of the Cross Atlantic Pirus said he had just finished eight years in federal prison. Or do you have tryouts? Views Read View source View history. There are no real gangsters anymore a real gangster was the mafia where they handled theirs like a real gangster would. Once a single alliance between two autonomous an, they are now a loosely connected network of individual “sets”, often engaged in open warfare with one another.

Organized crime groups in New York City. Is hxxva Cripk gankg a valid set? Amid their ever growing list of Crip rivals, The Hoovers eventually dropped their ” Crip ” affiliation and created booods “Criminal” card thus adopting the ” Hoover Criminals ” identity by the mid s.

So hit me up The difference is, I dont bang on the net thatz just corny as fuck. If the white man were to take back everything and slavery began again, would all blacks stick together or would we kill each other the first chance we got. Aint shid u can do to change it except die for it.


Hoover Criminals – Rap Dictionary

The letter “b” in the word “blood” will be “disrespected” among certain sets and written with a cross inside it because of its association with the enemy. Message to all Homies !! Ane I was to go to Cali bkankgink hxxva Cripk gankg will it bke invalid?

U probably n the burbs anyway.

Crips hoovers and bloods

I feel dat grxxve imma fuk wit ya Hxxver nkigga dis pkxxdie grxxva frokm Htown. I wish we could atop arguing over who set harder when this shid started in the same place by the same niggas.

An online flyer advertising weekly Thursday meetings for L. While incarcerated, members of The Hoovers have been known to be friendly towards different Piru sets amid their recent disenfranchisement with the Blood Hoofers.