DEBUG constant in your code to run debug-only functions. Build Added a feature that allows you to run some code only in debug mode. Some help would be greatly appreciated. Added new aapt feature to compile resources. New Android Emulator features and bug fixes: Added experimental support for multi-touch input by enabing the emulator to receive touch input from a USB-tethered physical Android device. jar

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Enable this mode by adding the following line to the project. RenderScript Added support for Filterscript compilation. Fixed a problem with the emulator shutting down immediately for Android 1. Issue Fixed a problem with the monkeyrunner tool failing to import standard python classes.

Webcam support is for Windows and Linux only.

SDK Tools release notes

Could not delete folder E: Android SDK Platform-tools revision 16 or later. Fixed Windows bit compilation issue.

Com.abdroid.ddmlib find out more about what’s included in the newest version of the official Android IDE, read the release notes. Issue Fixed a problem with paths or arguments that contain spaces on Windows platforms.


IssueIssue Added a flag to disable dex merging to deal with cases where merging could generate a broken dex file. If you haven’t already, we highly recommend updating your ADT Plugin to And now I can’t build with gradle for android devices. Fixed the Windows launch hierarchyviewer and ddms to support the new location of adb.

Fixed the missing JAR file error that prevented draw9patch from running. jar

Fixed several minor emulator issues. Execution failed for task ‘: Mac support will come in a later release. Asked 8 years, com.androi.dddmlib months ago.

Fixed problem with the SDK Com.ancroid.ddmlib so that it auto-selects the most recently released platform on startup. Post as a guest Name. Issue Improved support for path names with spaces in the Windows command-line tools. Hierarchy Viewer and Pixel Perfect tools returned to Android Device Monitor the command-line versions are still removed, as of revision Builds no longer run you edit strings or layouts unless you add a new id and no longer run once for each library project.

For a list of Ant commands, see the Ant Command Reference. Lint Added over 25 new lint rules for resources, locale settings, layout files, incorrect use of SparseArray and PowerManager. See the new Android Emulator Release Notes.


classpath – cordova build android 失败 – SegmentFault 思否

Android SDK Platform-tools revision 24 or later. We will release an updated version of the tools with a fix for this issue as soon as possible. Fixes XML validation issue in on older Java versions. My projects gradle file looks like the following: Added new project setting to control the RenderScript compilation target separately from an Android project. Improved the build so that several editing features code completion, resource chooser, go to declaration properly handle library project resources.

If you are developing in Eclipse, ADT provides the equivalent library project support. This release is known to contain issues which prevent builds from completing. For usage, see layoutopt.

Updated draw9patch tool to allow easier changing of markers. jar