The people here are devoted to Islam so they still do not have a favourable perspective towards metal. We have two demo songs: What is the reaction of the fans to the EP? View all trending tracks. There are only five bands now which are still active: This line-up changed again in


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The father does not recognize his own son as his son. Also the Surabaya metalheads will come to shows here.

Climaxeth Metal (climaxethmetal)

Madura has the community only in Bangkalan. Niza, what is your comment about this band? Yes, climaxerh had a problem when we made a show. Would you like to play in Bandung? Has your band got the same purpose for Madura culture?

The most iconic band is still Rajam.

Climaxeth (@climaxeth) • Instagram photos and videos

There is a man called Sakera; he is from Cllimaxeth. She has a famous metal band. Be different and be yourselves! As for the lyrics, they preache about anti-hypocrisy, anti-social etc www. The drummer is a part of the band.


#climaxeth medias

Where would you like to play the shows? We still think metal chose us not we chose metal.


Is the metal popular among the high-school crowd in Madura? Where have you played shows so far?

I am the leader of this community. What are the main festivals or shows you have here?

Which foreign and local bands would you like most to see play here? If there climaxteh a gig in Surabaya we will come and join. Irsyad Vokalis could not join us on this day.

What is the reaction of the fans to the EP? Now, climaxeth brings technical death metal into their final concept with various bands from various gen… read more.

How many songs are there for the EP? Tell us more about the making of the video-clip.


The son rebels against his own father. Does your mother support what you do? The All-American Rejects on playing by their own rules and breaking the ‘anti-aesthetic’ aesthetic spotlight By okspud1 12 Aug 3: The spectators got drunk and the police closed the show.


But day by day cimaxeth by year finally she supports me to be in a metal band.

Climaxeth | Free Listening on SoundCloud

Sickles and Climaxeth sometimes play on the same stage and also Valerian. This is why we choose to play only East Java first. It is still from a Kingdom perspective. Our highlights from Reading Festivalfrom rock and roll to climzxeth rickrolled Fest.