There is a special case that, the operating system is a bit system, but you are not sure whether the program is bit or bit. If you also need to download other files, you can enter the file name in the input box. To fix such error, we can use re-register CFnd. It requires certain computer knowledge to perform the above solutions. After Pro Tools installation it seems that some dll’s are deleted or so. How to correctly select the file you need 1.

cfnd dll

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I dont remember this relating to AMD graphics but since thats what I normally use thats certainly possible. When I remove the CFnd.

Reply Contact There is no reason fll be afraid. Enter the file name, and you will find many versions of this file. The file should be stored in the actual installation path of the software. Access violation reading location 0x Searching the DUC turned up nothing.

The time you encounter the error is very important to troubleshoot the problem. And for the life of me I can’t find anything online on how to fix the problem. Maybe now your audiosuite plugin does not work properly but you can open a project.


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You should send a ctnd log to Avid so that they study why their module is crashing. Yeah I’m a digital pack rat. If you have any further questions or need help, please leave us a message:.

cfnd dll

As the most important part of Windows operating system, Windows registry is a place that stores all information and configurations of software and hardware. This in turn can conflict with WL and other apps. After this I had the messsage above: What’s sll is I remember getting rid of this message and solving the problem.

Send a private message to a7xjunky.

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The time now is When a program needs a DLL, that file will be loaded and run. What cffnd you do if the Recycle Bin has been emptied? This was within each partition. Presently I am in another score and do not wish to interrupt that work, sorry. Try to use a file recovery tool to help you recover the file. I finally find the version of vfnd. Find all posts by Sufibridge. I did now the test with Wavelab 9 Pro – 32 Bit and no Crashdump-file.


Thankx again, everything fine now – until the next ProTools update But then I’ll know what to do.

Cfdn your original file is just cfn but not lost, then please check the version number of your files. If you know MD5 value of the required files, it is the best approach to make choice 2. It will erase everything on your computer, including your files, programs installed, and computer settings. Over time, more and more invalid entries are left and accumulated in the registry and then lead to various errors and problems.

Module was built without symbols. This means, many PT component could be at the origin of the problem. And this works only when this error is caused by software problem.

cfnd dll

Contact Us – Archive – Top. What is WL’s dependency on CFnd.